Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Camera 3 - Love Like Acid Cassette (Cassette King CK1) 1981

Following up on the last post.... Here is the Camera 3 cassette - Love Like Acid released on Simon Millward's Cassette King label.

On this recording, drummer Mark Rowlatt from Metabolist is replaced by K. Shillingford. Needless to say, the drumming here is quite different. This could have more to do with the slower tempo on these tracks compared to the 7". The only time the tempo really picks up here (on the last track), the drums aren't quite driving the music along as they did on their previous recordings.

The title track begins with a bass kick and rim shots like Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead. This track ends abruptly into the next track (Exploitation), so they are combined in this rip.

Does anyone have any other info on Camera 3 or the Cassette King label?
This cassette was the first release on the label, # 2 was Stagmanaut by Metabolist and #4 was Dots on the Eyes by Legendary Pink Dots. Does anyone know what #3 was or if there were other releases after #4??


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Thanks. Curious to hear what this sounds like.