Thursday, November 29, 2007

DJ Announcement - Soundclash @ Marx Cafe Washington DC - Friday, Nov. 30th (tomorrow)

I will be filling in for the Kaiser this week at Soundclash DC - the best Jamaican music night in the DC area.

It also looks like this will be my last local DJ appearance as well. I will be moving out of state soon, possibly by the end of the year.

Hope to see you there...

Some more info:

So, another mash-up of Jamaican stylings at Mt. Pleasant Corner is upon you. Who resists? No one. Not a single one. And neither did you last month when we had our impromptu dance-off for Ras Michael tickets - nice. If you haven't heard, btw, the Smithsonian's Museum for Natural History is showcasing a small exhibit on Rastafarianism. We encourage you to take a gander.

Now, on to our usual noble offerings. The mix you crave is up:, then click Soundclash 11.30 at the top. This month's flyer features original Skatalites tenor sax men Tommy McCook and Roland Alphonso, hence we threw in a few tunes by them. Also just in is our very own Bobby Babylon's showcase piece on the Chicago band The Drastics. Check it:

And for this month's Soundclash, we have a special guest DJ, the Man from Atlantis (see Rumors of Studio One 12-inches an ON-U Sound dub plates are at this point strictly rumors. Tantalizing though, huh?

WHERE: Marx Cafe, 3203 Mt. Pleasant St, NW
WHEN: Friday, November 30, 2007, from 10 pm to 3 am



Jeff said...

Hi David,

Just wanted you to know that thethingonthedoorstep posted the DDAA Miss Vandann 7" you have on your want list (maybe your want list is for actual items and not digitized copies, though, not sure). Anyway, here's the link if you wish to hear it.

Happy holidays to you and your family and thanks very much for all the great posts in 2007!!!

Kind Regards,


per23 said...

Hi! I love your blog. You have saved those amazing gems from obscurity. But lately your blog seems to be dead. Please, don't stop your activity which is amazing. Take care

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Jeff - thanks for the DDAA info. I am looking for originals. Not sure if I saw the post on '...doorstep' yet. I am over a month or two behind on blog reading..

Per23 - Thanks for the comment. I am near the final stage of moving from Virginia to Minnesota, so I have not been able to devote much time to this blog. Once I am settled in a new house, I expect to start posting a lot more. I have a few goodies I hope to upload in the coming week or two once I find some spare time.

per23 said...

OK, it's understood why you've been silent lately. I'm waiting impatiently for your next posts. Hope everything goes well with your moving to Minnesota. Once again: thanks for a load of good music. Great job you've been doing. Take care. :-)

Jeff said...

Hi David,

Good luck with your move! I hope all goes well. I have moved enough times over the past 10 years to know how stressful and hectic a move can be.

Look forward to your new posts whenever you're settled in.

Happy New Year to you too!