Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Minnesota Record Show - this Saturday, June 7th

For anyone in or near the Twin Cities area:
I will be selling records at the bi-monthly MN Record Show this Saturday. It will be at the VFW at 2916 Lyndale Ave S. in Minneapolis, near Lake St. The show will be open from 9am to 4pm.

Most of the non-techno vinyl in my Discogs catalog will be there - many at reduced prices. A lot of other vinyl not listed there, as well as more goodies from my own collection will also be for sale.

A link to their website.
Admission is only $2!!!


Anonymous said...

don't know if it's still time for request posts BUT here are some comp i'm looking for since a long time. already posted a request some times ago. i know...

V.A. ---- Some Waves (Cass) - Graf Haufen Tapes - 1983
V.A. ---- Overload Extasya (Cass) - NUX - 1985
V.A. ---- Funk 2 / Audiologie 3 (Cass) - Vox Man Records - 1985
V.A. ---- Mental Flag (Cass) - Organic Mind Workshop - 1985
V.A. ---- Massaconfusa (Cass) - O. Crow - 1988
V.A. ---- Infidel Psalm Vol.2 (Cass) - Mental Decay - 1988
V.A. ---- Pure And Painless Pleasures (Cass) - John Doe Music - 1988
V.A. ---- Zerstückelte Denkkurbeln (LP) - Schimpfluch - 1988
V.A. ---- Strukturelle Zusammenhänge (Cass) - N.N. - 1988
V.A. ---- Tourney Into Pain (4xCass) - Beast 666 Tapes - 1989


Atlantis Audio Archive said...

k. - I don't have any of your requests

Anonymous said...

hehe no problem
thanks a lot for yr answer.

The Tone King said...

Are you also going to be selling at the MSP Music Expo?

If so, I am looking for some obscure and off the beaten path Christmas records (or CDs...but mainly records).

If you are going to be there, let me know and I will detail further what i am looking for. If you have any...

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

I probably won't be at the MSP ME. I've been advised by a few people that my selection wouldn't sell as well there compared to the one on Lyndale.

I don't think I have any Christmas records.