Sunday, July 20, 2008

ADRV (Crash Worship) & Randy Greif - Live in Chula Vista California June 2nd, 1991

Here is the remainder of what I managed to record at the Zoviet France show back in 1991.

ADRV consisted of members of Crash Worship, and were originally based out of the San Diego area. I lived in SD a good portion of my life, so I had the opportunity to see many of their live performances - always an intense experience. I'm not sure if they are still performing/recording. Their Discogs listing ends several years ago.

Randy Greif runs Swinging Axe Productions in addition to releasing many CDs on the Soleilmoon/Staalplaat labels - the 5 CD Alice in Wonderland set being one of his best known titles.

Randy Greif & ADRV played separate sets, as well as together. There are four tracks split into two files. The first file is one long track (41 min) that is Randy Greif, and possibly ADRV as well. The second file contains three shorter tracks that appear to be just ADRV.

Also in the second file are scans of the Zoviet France interview I did for Technology Works and a Crash Worship interview that Paul Moore did for Technology Works. Eric Lanzilotta of, now sadly defunct, Anomalous Records (the absolute best mail-order/distro of experimental music in the US) also contributed to the Zoviet France interview. Eric has moved on to a new label and a magazine.

There is also a scan of a Crash Worship sticker I randomly found while digging around for my copies of Technology Works. The sticker appears to be from their Triple Mania II era.

Enjoy Part 1
Enjoy Part 2


Krai said...

thanks for this. I saw crash worship in November of 93 I believe. it was unlike anything I've experienced before or after that evening.

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

krai - Yes, CW were truly a unique live experience.

masonoise said...

A friend of mine just pointed me to this posting, thanks for it. I can provide a little more info about this (I released the Crash Worship albums on my label Charnel Music back in the 90s). Alarma, one of the organizers of this show, was the "label" operated by Crash Worship back then. ADRV was just a sort of "alias" for Crash Worship themselves, and stood for Adoracion de Rotura Violenta -- Crash Worship. They stopped their activities for the most part around 97/98, unfortunately, after the release of "Triple Mania II" and the "Pyru" single. The members have variously moved on to different groups in different cities, including the Extra Action Marching Band, Sixes, Waldteufel, and others.

I have a recording somewhere of the Zoviet France show in SF from this 1991 tour...I'll have to track it down now!

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Mason - I recall a few of them moved to New Orleans around that time. did you find the recording of the SF show?