Monday, March 30, 2009

DJ Announcement - Bev's Wine Bar MPLS, This Friday April 3rd

So, I forgot to plug my Bev's spot here last month...

This month's set at Bev's might be my last for a month or two (or more). There is going to be road construction in front of Bev's soon. Apparently, they may be losing their sidewalk during this time and may be forced to close during construction. At this point, nothing is known for sure how long the construction will last, or if they will be closing.

Also, my set will start this time at 9 instead of the usual 8:30.

Aside from the obvious wine selection, there is beer and some excellent bread/salad/pizza dishes to munch on while soaking up the music and enjoying the view of the MPLS skyline.

Musically, expect similar grooves to the Champion Superior Soundsystem days in DC and my recent King & I Thai online set, as well as some indie/minimal/diy pop.

Atlantis Audio Archive
Bev's Wine Bar
This Friday, April 3rd @ 9:00
250 3rd Ave N. (off Washington behind Deja Vu & J.D. Hoyt's steakhouse)