Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sammy Burdson Group - Space Fiction LP (Sonoton SON 106)

Continuing from the last LP post, here is another Sonoton label LP from Sammy Burdson Group.

This one shares some similarities to the previous LP, but in addition to leaning towards Cluster or Woo, it (sadly for some) also resembles Euro space disco at times. There are also many electronic pieces that remind of Conrad Schnitzler that still make the LP worthwhile, not to mention some nice ambient tracks.

Several of the tracks with numerical variations are similar thematically. Typically, they sound like the same piece with different sound patches.

Another Sonoton LP on they way, and then finally to the Vanity label 7"s.



Anonymous said...

great post. many thanks!

V ! said...

wonderful ! Thank you !

the saucer people said...

This blog is like all your christmas's have come at once...the three Vanity 7 Inches and now the uber-rare 'Space Fiction' library album. I have read about it but in all the years traversing the music blogs, I have never seen a ripped copy...till now! You sir, are a star!

Such a quality 'back-catalogue' like some freaky free cosmic Itunes but with far better write-ups and selections!