Wednesday, September 17, 2008

V/A - Secrets LP (Illustra Son IS 860 912) 1986?

Yes, it has been a long time since my last post. I keep pulling out records or cassettes to feature here, only to find they've been posted elsewhere.

I couldn't find any information on this specific album or the artists involved, but I did locate a current website for the Illustra Son label. The label features excerpts from many releases on their label, but not this one. After looking at the numbering scheme of the releases on their catalog page, it is possible this LP is from 1986.

The music here at times sounds like many other similar drama/tension/suspense-themed music library LPs, but there are a few tracks that have that edge or oddness about them that makes this a suitable post here. Some of the tracks here particularly remind me of music that appeared on the Multimood label, particularly Controlled Bleeding & Asmus Tietchens at that time.

I plan to post a couple other music library LPs in the next few days.



Over The Moon said...

woohoo! Great to have you back! Thanks so much for the new post!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for uploading this, i've had a recent interest in stock music. much appreciation.