Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wireless Sight - Endless Dark Dream Cassette (Vanity VAT 5) 1981

Here is the fifth cassette in the Vanity box. This is probably the lowest fidelity and the most minimal of any Vanity release. Wireless Sight is credited to Kunio Wakae, and as usual, no info appears to exist on him or this project.

A majority of the music here is accompanied by a metronome or some other time-piece and piano. Not much else, but it does provide some nice background music. The closest comparison (on Vanity) I hear is possibly Tolerance; outside of Vanity, perhaps a very stripped-down Robert Haigh/Sema.

Side A may in fact contain two tracks, but I've archived this tape one track per side.


Friday, July 6, 2007

Invivo - B.B.B. Cassette (Vanity VAT4) 1981

The fourth cassette in the Vanity box courtesy of Invivo is a great collection of varied minimal/diy styles from rock/punk to electronic, industrial and more. It was recorded in 1980 and includes one live track.

The liner notes (see scan) state side A is by Invivo and side B by Invitro.
Here is a track breakdown.

Side A:
B.B.B. - Invivo, like others in the Vanity Box also contributed to the Vanity Music compilation DLP. In this case this track appeared in much abbreviated form on the compilation. Repetitive drum machine either going through distortion or some other effect w/ slowly modulating synth waves and bass guitar.

Micoplasma (1983) - Low pinging rhythm with synth pulses and other sounds.

LD50 (live) - Lots of guitar, a bit of sax and some sort of live percussion. Before the sax comes in, this could just have easily been a Metabolist recording.

m.i.c. - This track segues with a gurgling synth line resembling the main guitar part from the previous one. The addition of a sax makes this a nice mood setting tune and is unfortunately a little shorter than I'd wish.

Macrolide (C H NO) - Slightly uptempo drum machine, synth and bass guitar.

Bacteroides - Drum machine and bass that sounds like a BGM or early Cabaret Voltaire outtake.

Side B:
Proteus - Slow pulsing snyth with guitars that works very well.

Amoxicillin - There is a bit between this song and the previous one that I wasn't sure where it belonged. Rather than keeping these two combined I included the brief sound burst at the end of B1 and the start of B2. What starts off as Jamaican sounding music, possibly another recording morphs into drum machine, synth, sax and more. The sax here, as in all but m.i.c. is very subdued and usually deep in the mix, not in your face.

Kiebsiella - Minimal synth and bass guitar.

Micoplasma (1979) - A slowed down version of similarly titled track on the other side. Like Conrad Schnitzler in 'super slo-mo'.

Dead World (LC M) - Minimal electronic contemplative piece that could have lasted 20 minutes rather than the two given here. In a way this one at the same time sounds possibly the most out of place in the entire box so far, and maybe my favorite from the set as well.