Friday, December 12, 2008

DJ Announcement - VINTAGE @ King & I Thai - MPLS, Tuesday Dec. 16th

In addition to my set tonight at Bev's Wine Bar, I will be making another DJ appearance at King & I Thai next Tuesday, Dec. 16th.

King & I Thai is located in the Loring Park area of Minneapolis. The address is 1346 LaSalle ave.

The food is excellent and there are drink specials as well.

The music starts around 10 and goes till close (1-ish). I will be spinning in a similar groove to the Champion Superior Soundsystem nights from my DC days. Lots of funky, jazzy grooves including Krautrock, Arfrican, soundtracks, music library LPs as well as some recently acquired Brazilian records form my recent trip to NYC.

Tuesday November 18th, 10 pm - close
King & I Thai
1346 La Salle Ave. Minneapolis, MN
No Cover

Normal Brain Frottage Flexi 7" & Ready Made LP @ 45 RPM

Several years ago when I first purchased and listened to the Normal Brain LP, my turntable was still set at 45 rpm after listening to another record. I didn't realize until later that the label lists 33 rpm. For the next few years, I then listened to the LP at 33 rpm, and ripped it at that speed when I posted it here.

Then, some time last year, I finally tracked down a copy of the flexi 7" for their track Frottage. The flexi lists the speed as 45 rpm, which turns out to sound the same as the LP version played at 45 rpm. Upon this realization, I then wondered if the LP was intended for 45 rpm playback all along. Some time has passed, and I finally recorded the LP at 45 rpm.

Given that the LP had conflicting track names and variations of the album title, perhaps the speed was listed incorrect as well - intentionally or not. The flexi version, and the LP version turn out to be the same length, but I haven't done a note for note comparison to see if they are 100% identical.

I'm now leaning toward the LP being 45. I'm curious what you think.
These were converted @ 320K as well.

The flexi was originally included with an issue of Rock magazine.

9/22/2011 - Expired link updated below...

Monday, December 8, 2008

DJ Announcement - Bev's Wine Bar - This Friday, Dec. 12th

I have a new DJ night starting this Friday. It is at Bev's Wine Bar, a nice cozy place in the Warehouse district of Minneapolis.

Aside from the obvious wine selection, there is beer and some excellent bread/salad/pizza dishes to munch on while soaking up the music and enjoying the view of the MPLS skyline.

Musically, expect similar grooves to the Champion Superior Soundsystem days in DC and my recent King & I Thai set, as well as some indie/minimal/diy pop.

Atlantis Audio Archive
Bev's Wine Bar
This Friday, Dec. 12th @ 8:30
250 3rd Ave N. (off Washington behind Deja Vu & J.D. Hoyt's steakhouse)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Minnesota Record Show - this Saturday, December 6th

For anyone in or near the Twin Cities area:
I will be selling records at the bi-monthly MN Record Show this Saturday. As usual, it will be at the VFW at 2916 Lyndale Ave S. in Minneapolis, near Lake St.

Sales were pretty sparse at the last show, but I've been told he December is their biggest show of the year.

The show is open from 9am to 4pm.

Most of the non-techno vinyl in my Discogs catalog will be there - many at reduced prices.

A lot of other vinyl not listed there, as well as more goodies from my own collection will also be for sale. There will be at least 100 new records not at the previous show.

A link to their website.

Admission is only $2!!!