Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vox Populi! - Imaginaires Cassette 1985

I acquired this tape in a trade around ten years ago. It arrived with no artwork and over the years I lost track of any communication that mentioned the title. So, until very recently, I wasn't sure what release it was as it didn't resemble any cassette listed on in length and/or track arrangement.

A few weeks ago there was a Vox Populi! cassette for sale on eBay. Not recognizing the title, I looked closely at the picture and saw the same mysterious Vox Populi! tape I could no longer identify. According to the auction listing, this cassette was included with the French magazine Imaginaires and released in 1985.

Some of the tracks on this cassette have appeared elsewhere (either before or after this release) on other VP releases or compilations in one form or another.

Here is the tracklist supplied in the eBay listing:

Quid (inclus les HITS (Campagnarde, Oyez Oyez, Scoubidou Bidou, Johnny pour toujours)
Ovan IV
Baby Sex
Ovan III
Tibetan Cowboy

In this rip, Side A is left as one track, and Side B is split into six tracks. There are eight/eleven tracks listed above so I don't know where Side A ends and Side B begins above.

If anyone else (maybe the winner of the auction) can share some info on this in the comments, I will update the post.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

V/A - Necronomicon 2 2xCassette (Necronomicon N002) 1985

Another request that was coincidentally almost ready to post.

A sure sign your music collection is too big: Several months ago I tried to bid on this compilation and was and did not win it. A few months later while browsing through some of my shelves, I pulled this out and was joyed & surprised to see I already owned it!

This compilation includes two cassettes and a 24 pg. booklet featuring text and art contributions from the artists. The tapes are split between US and European participants.

A lot of moderately well-known (Vox Populi!, P16.D4, F/i, Smersh, Architects Office, Psyclones...) and many unknown contribute one or two tracks to this collection including Coral Infantil Cantaires del Cadi, comprising of children with no prior musical experience and Catalonian musicians from Error Genetico, Macromassa and others.

Full tracklist:

USA Cassette

Side A:
F/i - Azazabee
F/i - Mood Sequence
Sombrero Galaxy - Buy a Gun
Architects Office - Hymnosis
Machinic Indices - Untitled Komposition iv
Psyclones - Slabtard

Side B:
Smersh - Holiday Task Dub
White Hand - Screams that Whisper
Architects Office - I Chris
Psyclones & Schlafengarten - Chicke Skin
Billy Club Puppet - Almost Dread Inna Belltown

European Cassette

Side A:
Die Welttraumforscher (CH)- The Return of Abdul Al-Hazred
Die Welttraumforscher (CH)- Natascha
El Obscuro Interior (E)- Olvido & Duda
P16.D4 (D) - Setebos Seconda
Recursos Ajenos (E) - Gatos
Non Toxique Lost (D) - Die 4 Tempramente
Tasaday (I) - Il Respiro Si Blocca
Coral Infantil Cantaires del Cadi (E) - Quan El Sol Es pon
Coral Infantil Cantaires del Cadi (E) - El Rellotge

Side B:
Avant-Dernieres Pensees (E) - El Lujo de Ser Olvidados
Vox Populi! (F) - Holkar
Linea Tactica (E) - Suiza-Geneve. Raspaduras En El Cuello, Friccion Dolorosa
Tasaday (I) - Spiragli in Spazi
Merz (E) - El Signo
Falx Cerebri (D) - Durch Schmerz Zum Orgasmus
Zusammewaschen (E) - Aurera Schrammaschine

USA Cassette
European Cassette

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

DJ Announcement - Champion Superior Soundsystem @ Marx Cafe, Wash DC This Friday (8/17)

A plug for the semi-regular DJ event I co-host. Be sure to check out the mini streaming mix at for a taste of what to expect this Friday....

Yes, yes, yes! You read that right … come Friday, DJs
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"What about the fine print," you ask … well, here it
The Champion Superior Soundsystem
10 pm Friday, Aug. 17
Marx Cafe
3203 Mt. Pleasant St.
NWDC No Cover

So, first go to, listen to
the mix — and while you're there, check out the new
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today, you'll be waiting awhile.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Frank Dommert & Marcus Schmickler - Nach Schweiz Cassette (Entenpfuhl EMM 002) 1988

Another request...

An early cassette on the Entenpfuhl label featuring some of the first recordings by Frank Dommert & Marcus Schmickler. Nach Schweiz was released in 1988 in an edition of 100 copies.

Dommert still runs Entenpfuhl today in addition to the label Sonig. Aside from his many early solo works, Dommert has also worked with HNAS, Mouse on Mars, Esognomig, Kontakta and others. Mutant Sounds posted his excellent solo LP Kiefermusik here.

Marcus Schmickler has appeared on releases going back to 1988. I was first turned on to Schmickler through his work with C. Schulz in the early 90's. Schmickler has since made a name for himself on his own, or under his better known alias Pluramon, as well as other collaborations in a variety of styles from experimental sound collage to post- shoegaze/rock to minimal techno.

This should appeal to anyone familiar with their earlier work.

Side B is left intact as one track. Here is the tracklist:

Side A:
Country Chicks
Fenster 3

Side B:
Nach Schweiz
Part I - Ebertplatz
Part II - Reichenspergerplatz
Fenster 2


Friday, August 10, 2007

Tolerance - Anonym LP (Vanity 0004) 1979

Here is a request response.

This is a complete copy of the first Tolerance LP originally posted at another great site, Direct Waves, but apparently missing a large portion of side B

Tolerance were the only group to release two LPs on Vanity. This album really bridges the gap between the 70's & 80's. Starting off with hazy trips resembling the cosmic realm of krautrock and following through to more experimental diy thats sits aside the output of Sema and early Nurse with Wound.

In the liner notes to this album is the phrase 'Dedicated to the quiet men from a tiny girl' - a phrase that inspired the title of the third NWW album.

Here is the full tracklist - some of the tracks in the file are truncated.

Side A:
Two Owls
I wanna be a homicide

Side B:
Laughin in the shadows
through the glass
Voyage au bout de la nuit

I believe that leaves the first Vanity label LP (by Dada) that hasn't been archived to the web. After responding to a couple other requests here, next up will be the three Vanity 7"s.


Friday, August 3, 2007


Thought I'd throw out a call for requests. I can't guarantee I'll have it, but I hope by now regular visitors will have a sense of the varying focus here at Atlantis Audio Archive.

Possibly on the horizon: Metabolist and Cranioclast releases not posted elsewhere already or released on CD, Kallabris, Vox Populi! cassettes and vinyl...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nishimura Alimoti - Shibou Cassette (Vanity VAT 6) 1981

And here it is, the last cassette in the Vanity box. In complete contrast to the previous tape, and just about every other Vanity release, this is much louder and contains very little electronics - the majority of the music here being guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Again, as usual, no info on the web on Nishimura Alimoti.

Like everything on Vanity, it is mostly on the lo-fi/diy side. To make some lazy comparisons, I'll throw out Metabolist, Joy Division (track B2 - Ninshiki Yoso particularly) and possibly the sludge bass/guitar of early Skullflower on a couple tracks (at least what I remember how they sounded 10/15+ years ago). There are probably many other comparisons to be made here as well, both contemporary to this release as well as a lot of semi-recent music.

Being on vacation right now and having very limited internet access, I will not go into much detail here so I can finally complete this post as I've been sitting on this one for a while trying to find time to do a proper review.

For anyone who wishes to purchase an original copy of this cassette, I have a spare copy for sale. Check the links under Atlantis Records in the side-bar for more details. I suppose providing a copy of this for download will not generate many willing to purchase the real thing these days...

And this concludes the Vanity box archive series - many more posts planned once I return from vacation: the three Vanity 7"s, more Vox Populi! and a few other titles I've hinted at posting in previous posts.