Friday, August 3, 2007


Thought I'd throw out a call for requests. I can't guarantee I'll have it, but I hope by now regular visitors will have a sense of the varying focus here at Atlantis Audio Archive.

Possibly on the horizon: Metabolist and Cranioclast releases not posted elsewhere already or released on CD, Kallabris, Vox Populi! cassettes and vinyl...


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the great music
I still looking for portion control tape 'with mixed emotion', and also
konstruktivist tape 'spanish movement'


Anonymous said...

Hi, i really love your blog. for me it's definately one of the best and it's very appreciated :-) I'd love to see some Kallabris, especially the "Njonto" Lp and teh "A Smile For Brandon" tape or the "Considération Sur / Sous Le Café" 7". the other releases seem to be pretty much available on the web. Even many thanks if you don't have them!

Anonymous said...

Could you please post the first album by Tolerance, Anonym? It has been posted elsewhere, but 2/3 of side B is missing. Thanks!

Peteykins said...

Vox Populi! stuff would be most welcome!

And hello, by the way, from a fellow resident of the District.

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

anon1 - don't own either of these PC or Konstukt tapes.

A-Addict - I plan to post the 1st two Kallabris LPs and the tape if nobody beats me to it....

Anom2 - Are you sure that wasn't the Normal Brain LP? I remember that post on Mutant Sounds was incomplete and I reposted it here. I'll check into it. I have the LP archived on CD (and own the vinyl too) so if it truly isn't out there in complete form, I will post it here.

PSP - VP! is probably next on the horizon.. another cassette or two, their 7" & two LPs... Yes, nice to see more DC readers. Look out for my upcoming 8/17 Marx Cafe DJ gig announcement early next week.

Anonymous said...

Cranioclast would be well received over here...
Looking forward to these and am curious about what releases these are

Thanks for your hard work,


Anonymous said...

hi, Thanks for the great stuff here !!!
After checking your list on discogs, is it possible to see the following things:
VA Ciguri (LP on Odd Size)
O Yuki Conjugate: Circulars (7" on Syntactic)
Illusion of Safety: Fin de siécle
Pacific 231/ Denier du Culte: selftitled
Marcus Schmickler: Christian/Daniel 12"
F Dommert/ M Schmickler: nach Schweiz (cassette)
F Dommert/ HNAS: 7"

Thank You for all the time that you give us with this blogg

thunderperfectmind said...

no, the tolerance album "anonym" was never posted in full...i know this because i was the one to originally post the incomplete album. someone sent it to me and i never owned the actual vinyl itself (god, i wish) so i'd be interested in hearing it as well.

and as always, thanks for all the great stuff you've posted so far, especially everything from vanity. this blog alone is really the sole lifesaver for that label...

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Lex - Will see what older Cranioclast hasn't been posted or re-released on CD.

P23 - The Nach Schweiz will be ready soon. If Ciguri hasn't been posted by anyone else, I may do that soon as well.

TPM - Thanks for confirming the Tolerance rip. I will re-post this shortly w/ front&back art and tracklist. The three 7"s are still on the horizon as well.

Anonymous said...

hi there

looking for these obscure 80s comp.
i know it's a huge list but if you could help for some it would be awesome :

V.A. - Schau Hör Main Herz Ist Rhein (LP) - Wahrnehmungen - 1981
V.A. - Some Waves (Cass) - Graf Haufen Tapes - 1983
V.A. - Band It 13 (Cass) - Tapezine C.90 Kasseto fix - 1984
V.A. - Necronomicon 2 (2xCass) - Necronomicon - 1985
V.A. - Overload Extasya (Cass) - NUX - 1985
V.A. - Funk 2 / Audiologie 3 (Cass) - Vox Man Records - 1985
V.A. - Mental Flag (Cass) - Organic Mind Workshop - 1985
V.A. - Phallophorie Two (Cass) - Reaseau Phallus - 1985
V.A. - New Babel (Cass) - No Label - 1986
V.A. - Qu'est-ce Qu'il Y A? (Cass) - Requiem Productions - 1987
V.A. - Massaconfusa (Cass) - O. Crow - 1988
V.A. - Infidel Psalm Vol.2 (Cass) - Mental Decay - 1988
V.A. - Pure And Painless Pleasures (Cass) - John Doe Music - 1988
V.A. - Zerstückelte Denkkurbeln (LP) - Schimpfluch - 1988
V.A. - Strukturelle Zusammenhänge (Cass) - N.N. - 1988
V.A. - Tourney Into Pain (4xCass) - Beast 666 Tapes - 1989
V.A. - A Gnomean Haigonaimean (LP) - Johnny Blue - 1991


Atlantis Audio Archive said...

k- were you looking in my HD? ;-)
Necronomicon2 is on there - just need to split out the tracks, so that'll hopefully be up this weekend...

Looks like Mutant Sounds just posted Schau Hor... (been considering doing that one since I posted all those Selektion cassettes)

Will eventually get to Band-It 13 and possibly the last two on your list...

Anonymous said...

can't wait for yr next posts !!!!
and thanks again for yr previous selektion posts.

Anonymous said...

can you post the Rallizes oz days?

Festus Von Gunsmoke said...

VA - Sound Cosmodel


Thanks for asking!

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

FVG - I'm surprised to see it hasn't been posted yet.
I'll add it to the list. I may not split up the tracks though - 25 per side!!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any of the early tape releases from Vas Deferens Organization? Been looking for ages. Thanks.

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

anom - you should check out VDO's page at:

Anonymous said...

Hi! Great blog! So many nice Vanity releases.
How about posting the X ray pop album "Cosmofuzz balroom" :)