Tuesday, August 14, 2007

DJ Announcement - Champion Superior Soundsystem @ Marx Cafe, Wash DC This Friday (8/17)

A plug for the semi-regular DJ event I co-host. Be sure to check out the mini streaming mix at DCSoundclash.com for a taste of what to expect this Friday....

Yes, yes, yes! You read that right … come Friday, DJs
Dave From Atlantis, Braulio and I will be running
another grand and glorious Champion Superior
Soundsystem at Marx Cafe!

That means for no money down, you can get a night of
funk, freak and UFO sounds. That's right: It's
absolutely free!

You can preview the action at dcsoundclash.com: Just
click words "Champion Superior Soundsystem" at the top
and you'll be whisked away on a magic mix. Whisked!
Away! Really!

"What about the fine print," you ask … well, here it
The Champion Superior Soundsystem
10 pm Friday, Aug. 17
Marx Cafe
3203 Mt. Pleasant St.
NWDC No Cover

So, first go to http://www.dcsoundclash.com, listen to
the mix — and while you're there, check out the new
reviews added today. Then, saddle up and ride on over
to Marx. Do that part Friday, though. If you do it
today, you'll be waiting awhile.

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