Monday, August 13, 2007

Frank Dommert & Marcus Schmickler - Nach Schweiz Cassette (Entenpfuhl EMM 002) 1988

Another request...

An early cassette on the Entenpfuhl label featuring some of the first recordings by Frank Dommert & Marcus Schmickler. Nach Schweiz was released in 1988 in an edition of 100 copies.

Dommert still runs Entenpfuhl today in addition to the label Sonig. Aside from his many early solo works, Dommert has also worked with HNAS, Mouse on Mars, Esognomig, Kontakta and others. Mutant Sounds posted his excellent solo LP Kiefermusik here.

Marcus Schmickler has appeared on releases going back to 1988. I was first turned on to Schmickler through his work with C. Schulz in the early 90's. Schmickler has since made a name for himself on his own, or under his better known alias Pluramon, as well as other collaborations in a variety of styles from experimental sound collage to post- shoegaze/rock to minimal techno.

This should appeal to anyone familiar with their earlier work.

Side B is left intact as one track. Here is the tracklist:

Side A:
Country Chicks
Fenster 3

Side B:
Nach Schweiz
Part I - Ebertplatz
Part II - Reichenspergerplatz
Fenster 2


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