Thursday, November 29, 2007

DJ Announcement - Soundclash @ Marx Cafe Washington DC - Friday, Nov. 30th (tomorrow)

I will be filling in for the Kaiser this week at Soundclash DC - the best Jamaican music night in the DC area.

It also looks like this will be my last local DJ appearance as well. I will be moving out of state soon, possibly by the end of the year.

Hope to see you there...

Some more info:

So, another mash-up of Jamaican stylings at Mt. Pleasant Corner is upon you. Who resists? No one. Not a single one. And neither did you last month when we had our impromptu dance-off for Ras Michael tickets - nice. If you haven't heard, btw, the Smithsonian's Museum for Natural History is showcasing a small exhibit on Rastafarianism. We encourage you to take a gander.

Now, on to our usual noble offerings. The mix you crave is up:, then click Soundclash 11.30 at the top. This month's flyer features original Skatalites tenor sax men Tommy McCook and Roland Alphonso, hence we threw in a few tunes by them. Also just in is our very own Bobby Babylon's showcase piece on the Chicago band The Drastics. Check it:

And for this month's Soundclash, we have a special guest DJ, the Man from Atlantis (see Rumors of Studio One 12-inches an ON-U Sound dub plates are at this point strictly rumors. Tantalizing though, huh?

WHERE: Marx Cafe, 3203 Mt. Pleasant St, NW
WHEN: Friday, November 30, 2007, from 10 pm to 3 am


Monday, November 19, 2007

Bernard C. - Prince Emile de LY de Magneville Cassette (Illusion Productions 013) 1983

Here is a rare cassette from Bernard C. (Jacques). Not sure what the official title it as it differs between the front, back & spine of cassette case.

It is an early release on Illusion Productions (IP 013) from 1983. Bernard C. is probably best known musically via his connections to DDAA and the Illusion Productions label.

This one was archived a while ago and was due to be posted around the same time I posted the DDAA - Prehistoric Rejet Cassette back in February. However, the recording appears to be a bit lopsided. While viewing in an audio editing program, the sound appears to be mostly present, but not entirely, in one channel. It isn't too noticeable through speakers, but probably isn't that great to listen to with headphones. I was hoping to track down another one and see if this was just a bad copy, or if all were released this way. Is there anyone else who owns this tape that can comment???

The liner notes attribute Bernard C. with Claviers, Bandes, Traitements, Voix.
Fabienne Perret is credited with Alto Sax on one track.

Here is the tracklist as it appears in the insert...

Side A:
Les Chants Revolutionnaires Part I - VI

Side B:
Les Jardins D'espagne (EXT.)
Prince Emile de LY

9/22/2011 - Expired link updated...

Denier du Culte - Mission dans le Neant/L'Appel Cassette (K& 001) 1984

Next up is a cassette from Denier du Culte, a trio featuring Philippe Blanchard (Lt. Caramel), Sylvie Loquet (La Sonorite Jaune) and Alain Basso. It was recorded in 1984 and released in a numbered edition of 400 copies.

Each side has a unique title. Here is the tracklist:

Side A - 'Mission dans le Neant'

1 - Contention
2 - L'Archange enflamme
3 - Le don de la souillure
4 - Affres
5 - Noctambule

Side B - 'L'Appel'

1 - L'Appel
2 - Nouveau culte
3 - Cadavres
4 - Lune du miel
5 - La peste
6 - Lien metallique
7 - Bellissima

Side B is left a complete track.


Geins't Nait - A Consumer Sans Moderation Cassette (SSS 17)

To make up for my lack of posts recently, I will try to get a few posts up tonight. To accomplish this, I will keep my comments to a minimum.

Clearing out some disk space with some cassette I archived a while ago.

First off is an early cassette by Geins't Nait, or Geins't Na'i't, as spelled on this release. This is a lot better, and more interesting than I remember the last time I heard this.

Their LP Fishes can be found on Mutant Sounds here.

This one is left as two side-long rips. Perhaps at a future date, I'll repost it if I can get around to splitting the tracks apart.... Here is the tracklist per the entry in Discogs:

Plus De Légumes
Ardeur Au Travail
Super Marchor
Par Téléphone
Splendeur Mécanique
Fin De Week- End
Quand Nous Serons Petits À Nouveau
Les Dix Petits Nains
Eat Tropic
Ardeur Au Travail
G. N.
N'est Ce Pas?


Thursday, November 15, 2007

DJ Announcement - Champion Superior Soundsystem @ Marx Cafe, Wash DC - Friday Nov. 16th

A bit short notice here...
I will be spinning at Marx Cafe this Friday for the occasional Champion Superior Soundsystem.

I hope to have a new post up this weekend.

Hey kids!

Come on out and play Friday night as me and the boys rock Marx Café at The Champion Superior Soundsystem. The Champion Superior Soundsystem is a night of funk, freak, Brazilian, reggae and a beat-driven kitchen sink. It is more fun than drugs, but slightly less mind-altering than eating lead paint peelings off of kids’ toys. However, there is no cover to get in.

Check it:
The Champion Superior Soundsystem
Friday, 10 pm
Marx Café
3203 Mt. Pleasant St. NWDC
No Cover

For visuals and sound samples.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Metabolist - Live July 20th, 1978 - Action Space

Here is a live recording of Metabolist from 1978!!!

This post is provided by the kind Frans de Waard.
A note from Frans:

'this tape was given to me many years ago when
Edward Ka-spel lived almost around my corner. He had a big box of
tapes and when browsing through it, I found this, and Edward said I
could keep it. The ink on the tape is worn out, but it reads
'metabolist 20/7/78' and then 'actionspart', although the word 'part'
is hard to read. This year I transferred it for a friend of mine, but
didn't index it - Frans de Waard'

I was going to try and identify as many titles as possible but I have been short on spare time these
days.  Here is what I have so far based on memory or titles announced on the recording:

Side A:

track one - Curly Wall
track two - Pinstripe??
track three  - Rainy Day (possibly a cover of It's a Rainy Day Sunshine Girl by Faust)
track four - ?? can anyone tell what he says this track is called at the end??
track five - I Can't Identify (Identify) (about 45 seconds)

Side B:
track one - I Can't Identify (Identify) (the remaining 90 seconds)
track two - ??
track three - ?? (over 20 min long, Eulam's Beat and 'Any News'??)
track four - I Don't Want To
track five - The Big One

If anyone else figures out the other track titles, leave a comment and I'll update the tracklist.

This is the first live recording I've ever encountered from Metabolist and the first time in over ten years since I've heard 'new to me' recordings from them. If you ever encounter Frans or Edward in the future be sure to buy them a drink and thank them for providing this recording.
Side A
Side B

thanks to Mondara:

the gig that this is a recording of was at Action Space, Chenies Street, London. So the cassette must read "Action Space"

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

DJ Announcement - Taking the Piss 5 Year Anniversary @ Marx Cafe - this Friday Oct. 19th

Some info on a DJ set of mine this Friday. It will be a short one (around 20 minutes) as they are inviting back all the guest DJs from the past five years to celebrate five years of the best indie/jangle rock/pop night in DC. Since the set will be so short, I plan to do all covers; either indie bands covering other songs, or indie songs covered by other bands.

Here is some more info from the Kaiser:

Well, as the story goes, the Pisser started a few months after Soundclash did, all those years ago. And actually, I wrote about that story already, so just go here and scroll down:

Also be sure to click on the 1019.mix for this month's "Streaming Piss" at You know you like it.

And now for the event itself. We've invited back every deejay and guest deejay from our 5 year history. What's the end result of that? 15 deejays this Friday night (possibly more), each doing a 20-min set, putting their personal stamp on the evening and showing you the wide range of perfectly framed indie pop moments. We'll have much of DC's indie pop illuminati working it that night - musicians, deejays, and gladhanders like myself. Specifically, on hand will be representatives of Velocity Girl, Barcelona, Eggs, the Antiques, Lorelei, Boyracer, Parlor Scouts, BLISS, We Fought the Big One, the First Ladies DJ Collective, and that's enough already. Crazy rhythms, all night. Blink and you'll miss a set.

Commemorative pins are in the works. Come and get one and celebrate with us.

WHERE: Marx Cafe, 3203 Mt. Pleasant St, NW
WHEN: Friday, October 19, 2007, from 10 pm to 3 am


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Camera 3 - Love Like Acid Cassette (Cassette King CK1) 1981

Following up on the last post.... Here is the Camera 3 cassette - Love Like Acid released on Simon Millward's Cassette King label.

On this recording, drummer Mark Rowlatt from Metabolist is replaced by K. Shillingford. Needless to say, the drumming here is quite different. This could have more to do with the slower tempo on these tracks compared to the 7". The only time the tempo really picks up here (on the last track), the drums aren't quite driving the music along as they did on their previous recordings.

The title track begins with a bass kick and rim shots like Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead. This track ends abruptly into the next track (Exploitation), so they are combined in this rip.

Does anyone have any other info on Camera 3 or the Cassette King label?
This cassette was the first release on the label, # 2 was Stagmanaut by Metabolist and #4 was Dots on the Eyes by Legendary Pink Dots. Does anyone know what #3 was or if there were other releases after #4??


Camera 3 - Russians in Space 7" (Service Records SER 001) 1979

As promised, here is the one (and only to my knowledge) 7" by Camera 3. There are several Metabolist connections here. The 7" was produced by Simon Millward and Anton Loach while Mark Rowlatt played the drums. This session was also recorded in the Metabolist studio.

Aside from Mark Rowlatt on drums, Camera 3 consisted of:

Paul Miller - bass
Graham Weston - guitar
Andrew Johnson - vocals & keyboards

The B-side, The Solution to All Problems has a strong Metabolist feel, both in the drums and the production, particularly the slight phase shifting of the drums that sound a lot like Neu! as well.

The slight distortion throughout both sides, especially in the louder vocal parts, appears to be in the pressing. This was just ripped today with a one week old needle and subsequent records played after this are not distorting.

Next up is their cassette - Love Like Acid.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

DJ Sets from Procedure last week

Here are re-creations of my sets from Procedure last week. They are also available as Podcasts at my website here with some other older DJ sets of mine.

Set 1 Tracklist:

Muslimgauze - Ensan Entahari
Asa-Chang & Junray - Tsugenipu to Ittemita
Martin Rev - Temptation
Nova Huta - A Day in Nova Huta
Chris and Cosey - Raining Tears of Blood
Dark Day - The Metal Benders
Colin Potter - I am Your Shadow
Sympathy Nervous - Polaroid
Cabaret Voltaire - Crackdown

Set 2 Tracklist:

Planet Jazz - B-Pop
Sympathy Nervous - Deaf Picture
Hikashu - Model (Kraftwerk cover)
World Standard - Japanese title
Elisa Waut - Russia
Moral - Stottet I Luften
Sprung aus den Wolken - A-i Ackam La
Mad Tea Party - Hide & Seek
Faust - The Sad Skinhead
Stereolab - The Extension Trip
Esplendor Geometrico - Moscu Esta Helado

Set 1

Set 2

Monday, October 1, 2007

Metabolist - Stagmanaut Cassette (Cassette King CK2) 1981

Here is the other Metabolist cassette - Stagmanaut, released in 1981 on the Cassette King label. If I had to settle on one, this would be my 'favorite' Metabolist release, primarily due to the musical variety across the cassette.

Unfortunately, this also turned out to be the last Metabolist release. What have they done since? Malcolm Lane released an LP the following year w/ Max Headroom titled Max & Malcolm. Mutant Sounds posted this excellent LP a while back here. Malcolm (and Karl Blake) contributed guitar on the The Decoration of the Duma Continues LP by Pump in 1987. I have also seen a cassette titled Macac on various want lists (my own included), but have never seen/heard a copy.

Drummer Mark Rowlatt appears to have been the most musically prolific post-Metabolist. He has drummed for the following groups in live and/or studio settings: Shock Headed Peters, Camera 3, Luxuria, and Ectomorph (not the techno group(s)). Mark also contributed to a rock operetta (a la Magma) with a member of Ectomorph titled 'A Perfect Action', about, of all things - cricket!!!

Simon Millward appears as a producer on both the Camera 3 cassette and 7". I've also been told on good authority he has worked with the Legendary Pink Dots, but I'm not sure if this was studio or live (or if any of it has ever been released).

Any info about other post-Metabolist recordings/appearances is greatly appreciated!!!

The first side of Stagmanaut starts with the industrial soundscape of Cranes, which segues into Ymuzgo, a percussive and spacey piece (in a noisy sort of way), with some vocals and scraping guitars. Pigface builds into a percussion-driven pounder that, not to digress too far here, came to mind the other night while watching a live performance from These Are Powers, who hail from Brooklyn - probably because this track was still fresh in my head.

Side two begins with Johnny Loves You, a slower track with the oft-repeated lyrics "Johnny loves You, and that's fine". After a bit of an intro, Glory builds to bear a resemblance to Joy Division and is possibly the closest they came to sounding like a "rock" group with straightforward guitar, bass, drums & vocals. Quack Backwards ends the tape with metallic percussion similar to early 23 Skidoo percussion workouts and eventually cuts into what can be called 'post-rock in an era of post-punk' similar to some of the best output from This Heat.

If there is any interest, I can post the Camera 3 cassette & 7" - leave a comment!!!


Friday, September 28, 2007

Metabolist - Goatmanaut Cassette (Dromm Records) 1979

This is the first of two cassettes released by the legendary UK post-punk group Metabolist. A lazy comparison of their sound would be a cross between This Heat & Magma, but they go much further than that. Always uncompromising, the Metabolist MO as they stated in Eurock magazine, was to refuse to be dictated to by fashion or establishing a 'Metabolist' sound and sticking to it forever.

I first discovered Metabolist around 1990 after buying a copy of their split 7" with Die Form. I purchased it for the Die Form track but ended up liking the Metabolist side more. A few years later, I traded that 7" away (perhaps to Dragnet records). Not long after that I found their LP and 7"s which reignited my interest in them. I then sought to track everything else they released including the split 7".

I launched a Metabolist web-site/discography on-line around 10 years ago in the hopes it would generate more interest in them and prompt a reissue campaign.

A CD that combines the LP, 7"s & compilation appearances exists. I figured it was a bootleg until I noticed it for sale at Amazon Japan. The Amazon listing mentions these are remastered recordings. I'm not sure if the band had any part of this reissue though as I've been told by one member that one or more other members had no interest in seeing Metabolist music reissued.

Next up will be their other cassette, Stagmanaut.


Monday, September 24, 2007

DJ Announcement - Procedure 3 year anniversary Wed. Sept. 26th @ Gate 54/Cafe Saint-Ex, Washington DC

Quick plug for my dj set this week.

I am filling in for my friend Mark and joining Richard Chartier to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of Procedure this Wednesday at Cafe Saint-Ex (downstairs at Gate 54).

It has been a while since I've done a guest spot at Procedure and I am really looking forward to playing a lot of music I've posted here as well as some rare tracks I've found on other sharing sites.

I hope local visitors to Atlantis Audio Archive are able to check it out...

"something for everyone... and nothing for some"


it all started back when we were called MIES at Blueroom. so much has
changed... yet everything is still the same.
so in celebration of this special day we are doing..... nothing special!
except providing audio in the form of something for everyone...
and nothing for some.

but don't let that stop you.... please come by and give us a hug.

nonchalantly sequenced melodies & noise:
Richard Chartier + oh wait we do have something special.... special

about mr applegate:
- founder of Atlantis Records (
- hosts Atlantis Audio Archive, a music sharing site featuring rare & forgotten electronic, industrial, wave & post-punk
- occasional musician appearing on over 10 releases
- radio/club dj for 20 years, most recently for the semi-regular Champion Superior Soundsystem @ Marx Cafe
- will be spinning timeless electronic music from the late 70's to the present recorded all around the world

once a month we present a quite laid back evening of lost and
forgotten music, ambient sounds, electronic whatnot, low brow tunes,
dark covers, b-sides, electric squiggles, bloopy unusual-ness,
blatant obviousness, avant garde obscurities, bubblegum oddities,
punk fun, unintentional hits and very intentional misses...and other
seemingly unrelated genre crossing nonchalantly sequenced.

listen. think. drink. repeat.

GATE 54 (downstairs at Café Saint-Ex)
1847 14th Street NW Washington DC
10pm-close / FREE / 21+


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Vox Populi! - Aither LP (VISA UF 010) 1989

This is the second LP from Vox Populi! released in 1989 on VISA records. This also turned out to be their last full-length release, not including the split LP w/ HNAS posted a while back by Thing on the Doorstep here. Also posted there more recently is their first LP Myscitismes.

This was the first Vox Populi! I heard aside from a couple compilation tracks and I've been a fan ever since. I picked this up around the time it was released and have been trying to find everything else they recorded for the last 15+ years.

I've never figured out why they fizzled out after this. Their musical output was limited to just a few compilation appearances after 1989. Anyone out there have some insight into what happened to Vox Populi!?

The first track Djamileh has always reminded me of Cocteau Twins. A Cup of Tea for Suzuki previously appeared on the Audiologie 5et6 - Ethniques Urbaines cassette compilation I posted in February. The last track, La Grande Plante Fibreuse, appears on the cassette compilation Mea Pulpa, but I am not sure if it is the same version.

Side B is left intact as one track. Here is the full tracklist:

Side A:
Tik & Tics (mis-titled in rip as Tik & Ties)
Le Nenuphare
A Cup of Tea for Suzuki
Zen Dub

Side B:
Allo rechte?
Homo Religiosis
La Grande Plante Fibreuse


Monday, September 3, 2007

Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music - September 7-23, Washington DC

The DC area is playing host to a continually expanding experimental music festival in the coming weeks.

This year, the Sonic Circuits festival stretches over two weeks at various locations and features many international artists like Christoph Heeman (HNAS, Mirror, Mimir), Frans de Waard (Kapotte Muziek, Goem, Beequeen...), Tony Conrad and over 70 more!!!

from the website:

The American Composers Forum Washington DC Chapter and volunteer coordinators/curators are proud to present an expanded SONIC CIRCUITS festival for 2007. Last year's event presented four nights of performances exposing District audiences to cutting edge experimental audio from local and international artists.

This year, DC SONIC CIRCUITS 2007 promises more! More genre-bending sounds and world-class performances! Additional venues! Film and Video! More adventurous music and exploratory visions from over 80 artists from the DC Metro area, across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Spain, & Lithuania!

Become our dear friend on myspace.


Running an international festival is one hell of an undertaking, especially on a shoe string budget. Show how much you LOVE experimental music by making a small donation. Give just $20 and receive one CD by a festival artist. Donate $30 and get THREE different CDs. Or you can always donate more!


Artists appearing:

Txema Agiriano
All Violet
AM Salad
Thomas Ankersmit
Gilles Aubry
Josh Bonnetta
Naila Borensztein
Brown Wing Overdrive
Buck Gooter
Arturas Bumšteinas
Cash Slave Clique
Caustic Castle
Tony Conrad & Violent Raid
Caution Curves
Ramon Churruca
Constant Mauk
The Cutest Puppy in the World
Frans de Waard
Nick Didkovsky & Sirius String Quartet
Element Kuuda
Marianna Ellenberg
Oier Etxeberria
Exploding Star Orchestra
Thorsten Fleisch
Iris Garrelfs
Gunung Sari
Christoph Heemann
Zan Hoffman
Koen Holtkamp
Insect Factory
Michael Thomas Jackson & Brian Osbourne
Janel and Anthony
Antanas Jasenka
Kohoutek Percussion Ensemble
Kuschty Rye Ergot
Gunter Krüger
Nick Lopata
Janel Leppin
Ida Lundén
Sarah Lundén
Hal McGee
Moljebka Pvlse
Mind Over Matter Music Over Mind
Northern Machine
o.blaat (Keiko Uenishi)
Ben Owen
Pinko Communiods
Doug Poplin
Radio Shock
James June Schnieder
Scraping Teeth
Shelf Life
Spaceships Panic Orbit
Martijn Tellinga
This Bag is Not a Toy
Esther Venrooy
VJ Poppins
Andy Wilson
Jack Wright & Michael Johnsen

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Kallabris - Njonto LP (Jazztone JT137) 1988

Here is the second LP from Kallabris, released in 1988. This LP is pressed on black vinyl and housed in a handmade lino-cut sleeve.

The music is less murky than the previous LP, but still quite industrial/ambient and briefly, at the beginning of side B, drifts into shoegazer drone territory. Accordion and vocals of various sorts are more prevalent here than the first LP. There also appears to be more control over the sound here as well. The metal or other found percussion seems to naturally fit here and doesn't become a distraction, or too overwhelming.

I have spare copies of this LP and their A Smile for Brandon cassette available for trade if anyone is interested - contact me via the comments section or e-mail to:

I also have both of their 7"s available for purchase here.


Kallabris - Untitled LP (Jazztone JT138) 1987

Up next are the first two LPs from Kallabris. The first one is untitled and was originally released in 1987 in an edition of 500 copies on clear vinyl w/ a thin printed transparent strip. It was later re-released as a 'Merry Xmas' edition on red vinyl in 1993 in a lino-printed red sleeve.

I stumbled upon Kallabris after seeing their name on the CoC distro inserts included with Cranioclast records. They still exist and have titles available here, here & here.

Cranio @ The Thing on the Doorstep recently posted their only cassette, A Smile for Brandon, and the amazing Hafalgar 10" here. I was going to post these as well, but Cranio thankfully saved me the effort and time to concentrate recording something else.

If the guitar line is removed from the first track on Side A (and also the last track on Side B) you would probably get something close to NWW-Soliloquy for Lilith.

I haven't listened to this LP in at least 5 years, probably closer to 10. As a testament to how this record has been permanently etched into my memory, within seconds of track A2 starting, I anticipated the mix of spoken female vocals - 'no boys or girls - no fun, no food', the chants, Velvet Underground tape/sample, and tweaked classical recordings that followed.

Other parts of the album are primarily dark ambient/industrial & drone. Sometimes relaxing, at others unsettling with sounds of crumbling, destruction, metal...

The rip includes artwork from both editions and is from my (previously) unplayed red vinyl copy.


Saturday, September 1, 2007

Vox Populi! - Ectoplasmies 7" EP (VP 231 B) 1983

Here is the first and only 7" release by Vox Populi!.

Regular readers here have probably noticed my obsession with Vox Populi! I started listening to them around the time their second LP was released.

Although there are eight tracks on this record, being a 7", they amount to just over 14 minutes of music.

Overall, this record is different than their later folk/world and industrial funk styles, having more of a dark minimal synth sound, as if the cover art doesn't already give that away. It hovers somewhere in the space also occupied by Monton, Dark Day & of course, the Vanity label.

This is ripped at 256K since it is shorter length. Unfortunately, a few tracks suffer from a bit of crackle and popping.

Side A
1 I, the Mad - Slow minimal synth & bass track w/ vocals - worth the download alone
2 Sine die, sane Corpore - dark synth/drum machine w/ minimal echoed vocals
3 Brave Old World - slow dark synth w/ vocals & bass
4 Hemoptysie - short uptempo synth track

Side B:
1 Ectoplasme II - slow instrumental piece
2 Ectoplasme I - synth arpeggio w/ a slight bit of noise added to the waveform accompanied by piano going through a delay
3 Ectoplasme III - Too short minimal synth track - one of my favorite VP! tracks
4 Ectoplasme IV - Backward tapes & vocals with other sounds


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vox Populi! - Imaginaires Cassette 1985

I acquired this tape in a trade around ten years ago. It arrived with no artwork and over the years I lost track of any communication that mentioned the title. So, until very recently, I wasn't sure what release it was as it didn't resemble any cassette listed on in length and/or track arrangement.

A few weeks ago there was a Vox Populi! cassette for sale on eBay. Not recognizing the title, I looked closely at the picture and saw the same mysterious Vox Populi! tape I could no longer identify. According to the auction listing, this cassette was included with the French magazine Imaginaires and released in 1985.

Some of the tracks on this cassette have appeared elsewhere (either before or after this release) on other VP releases or compilations in one form or another.

Here is the tracklist supplied in the eBay listing:

Quid (inclus les HITS (Campagnarde, Oyez Oyez, Scoubidou Bidou, Johnny pour toujours)
Ovan IV
Baby Sex
Ovan III
Tibetan Cowboy

In this rip, Side A is left as one track, and Side B is split into six tracks. There are eight/eleven tracks listed above so I don't know where Side A ends and Side B begins above.

If anyone else (maybe the winner of the auction) can share some info on this in the comments, I will update the post.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

V/A - Necronomicon 2 2xCassette (Necronomicon N002) 1985

Another request that was coincidentally almost ready to post.

A sure sign your music collection is too big: Several months ago I tried to bid on this compilation and was and did not win it. A few months later while browsing through some of my shelves, I pulled this out and was joyed & surprised to see I already owned it!

This compilation includes two cassettes and a 24 pg. booklet featuring text and art contributions from the artists. The tapes are split between US and European participants.

A lot of moderately well-known (Vox Populi!, P16.D4, F/i, Smersh, Architects Office, Psyclones...) and many unknown contribute one or two tracks to this collection including Coral Infantil Cantaires del Cadi, comprising of children with no prior musical experience and Catalonian musicians from Error Genetico, Macromassa and others.

Full tracklist:

USA Cassette

Side A:
F/i - Azazabee
F/i - Mood Sequence
Sombrero Galaxy - Buy a Gun
Architects Office - Hymnosis
Machinic Indices - Untitled Komposition iv
Psyclones - Slabtard

Side B:
Smersh - Holiday Task Dub
White Hand - Screams that Whisper
Architects Office - I Chris
Psyclones & Schlafengarten - Chicke Skin
Billy Club Puppet - Almost Dread Inna Belltown

European Cassette

Side A:
Die Welttraumforscher (CH)- The Return of Abdul Al-Hazred
Die Welttraumforscher (CH)- Natascha
El Obscuro Interior (E)- Olvido & Duda
P16.D4 (D) - Setebos Seconda
Recursos Ajenos (E) - Gatos
Non Toxique Lost (D) - Die 4 Tempramente
Tasaday (I) - Il Respiro Si Blocca
Coral Infantil Cantaires del Cadi (E) - Quan El Sol Es pon
Coral Infantil Cantaires del Cadi (E) - El Rellotge

Side B:
Avant-Dernieres Pensees (E) - El Lujo de Ser Olvidados
Vox Populi! (F) - Holkar
Linea Tactica (E) - Suiza-Geneve. Raspaduras En El Cuello, Friccion Dolorosa
Tasaday (I) - Spiragli in Spazi
Merz (E) - El Signo
Falx Cerebri (D) - Durch Schmerz Zum Orgasmus
Zusammewaschen (E) - Aurera Schrammaschine

USA Cassette
European Cassette

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

DJ Announcement - Champion Superior Soundsystem @ Marx Cafe, Wash DC This Friday (8/17)

A plug for the semi-regular DJ event I co-host. Be sure to check out the mini streaming mix at for a taste of what to expect this Friday....

Yes, yes, yes! You read that right … come Friday, DJs
Dave From Atlantis, Braulio and I will be running
another grand and glorious Champion Superior
Soundsystem at Marx Cafe!

That means for no money down, you can get a night of
funk, freak and UFO sounds. That's right: It's
absolutely free!

You can preview the action at Just
click words "Champion Superior Soundsystem" at the top
and you'll be whisked away on a magic mix. Whisked!
Away! Really!

"What about the fine print," you ask … well, here it
The Champion Superior Soundsystem
10 pm Friday, Aug. 17
Marx Cafe
3203 Mt. Pleasant St.
NWDC No Cover

So, first go to, listen to
the mix — and while you're there, check out the new
reviews added today. Then, saddle up and ride on over
to Marx. Do that part Friday, though. If you do it
today, you'll be waiting awhile.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Frank Dommert & Marcus Schmickler - Nach Schweiz Cassette (Entenpfuhl EMM 002) 1988

Another request...

An early cassette on the Entenpfuhl label featuring some of the first recordings by Frank Dommert & Marcus Schmickler. Nach Schweiz was released in 1988 in an edition of 100 copies.

Dommert still runs Entenpfuhl today in addition to the label Sonig. Aside from his many early solo works, Dommert has also worked with HNAS, Mouse on Mars, Esognomig, Kontakta and others. Mutant Sounds posted his excellent solo LP Kiefermusik here.

Marcus Schmickler has appeared on releases going back to 1988. I was first turned on to Schmickler through his work with C. Schulz in the early 90's. Schmickler has since made a name for himself on his own, or under his better known alias Pluramon, as well as other collaborations in a variety of styles from experimental sound collage to post- shoegaze/rock to minimal techno.

This should appeal to anyone familiar with their earlier work.

Side B is left intact as one track. Here is the tracklist:

Side A:
Country Chicks
Fenster 3

Side B:
Nach Schweiz
Part I - Ebertplatz
Part II - Reichenspergerplatz
Fenster 2


Friday, August 10, 2007

Tolerance - Anonym LP (Vanity 0004) 1979

Here is a request response.

This is a complete copy of the first Tolerance LP originally posted at another great site, Direct Waves, but apparently missing a large portion of side B

Tolerance were the only group to release two LPs on Vanity. This album really bridges the gap between the 70's & 80's. Starting off with hazy trips resembling the cosmic realm of krautrock and following through to more experimental diy thats sits aside the output of Sema and early Nurse with Wound.

In the liner notes to this album is the phrase 'Dedicated to the quiet men from a tiny girl' - a phrase that inspired the title of the third NWW album.

Here is the full tracklist - some of the tracks in the file are truncated.

Side A:
Two Owls
I wanna be a homicide

Side B:
Laughin in the shadows
through the glass
Voyage au bout de la nuit

I believe that leaves the first Vanity label LP (by Dada) that hasn't been archived to the web. After responding to a couple other requests here, next up will be the three Vanity 7"s.


Friday, August 3, 2007


Thought I'd throw out a call for requests. I can't guarantee I'll have it, but I hope by now regular visitors will have a sense of the varying focus here at Atlantis Audio Archive.

Possibly on the horizon: Metabolist and Cranioclast releases not posted elsewhere already or released on CD, Kallabris, Vox Populi! cassettes and vinyl...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nishimura Alimoti - Shibou Cassette (Vanity VAT 6) 1981

And here it is, the last cassette in the Vanity box. In complete contrast to the previous tape, and just about every other Vanity release, this is much louder and contains very little electronics - the majority of the music here being guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Again, as usual, no info on the web on Nishimura Alimoti.

Like everything on Vanity, it is mostly on the lo-fi/diy side. To make some lazy comparisons, I'll throw out Metabolist, Joy Division (track B2 - Ninshiki Yoso particularly) and possibly the sludge bass/guitar of early Skullflower on a couple tracks (at least what I remember how they sounded 10/15+ years ago). There are probably many other comparisons to be made here as well, both contemporary to this release as well as a lot of semi-recent music.

Being on vacation right now and having very limited internet access, I will not go into much detail here so I can finally complete this post as I've been sitting on this one for a while trying to find time to do a proper review.

For anyone who wishes to purchase an original copy of this cassette, I have a spare copy for sale. Check the links under Atlantis Records in the side-bar for more details. I suppose providing a copy of this for download will not generate many willing to purchase the real thing these days...

And this concludes the Vanity box archive series - many more posts planned once I return from vacation: the three Vanity 7"s, more Vox Populi! and a few other titles I've hinted at posting in previous posts.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wireless Sight - Endless Dark Dream Cassette (Vanity VAT 5) 1981

Here is the fifth cassette in the Vanity box. This is probably the lowest fidelity and the most minimal of any Vanity release. Wireless Sight is credited to Kunio Wakae, and as usual, no info appears to exist on him or this project.

A majority of the music here is accompanied by a metronome or some other time-piece and piano. Not much else, but it does provide some nice background music. The closest comparison (on Vanity) I hear is possibly Tolerance; outside of Vanity, perhaps a very stripped-down Robert Haigh/Sema.

Side A may in fact contain two tracks, but I've archived this tape one track per side.


Friday, July 6, 2007

Invivo - B.B.B. Cassette (Vanity VAT4) 1981

The fourth cassette in the Vanity box courtesy of Invivo is a great collection of varied minimal/diy styles from rock/punk to electronic, industrial and more. It was recorded in 1980 and includes one live track.

The liner notes (see scan) state side A is by Invivo and side B by Invitro.
Here is a track breakdown.

Side A:
B.B.B. - Invivo, like others in the Vanity Box also contributed to the Vanity Music compilation DLP. In this case this track appeared in much abbreviated form on the compilation. Repetitive drum machine either going through distortion or some other effect w/ slowly modulating synth waves and bass guitar.

Micoplasma (1983) - Low pinging rhythm with synth pulses and other sounds.

LD50 (live) - Lots of guitar, a bit of sax and some sort of live percussion. Before the sax comes in, this could just have easily been a Metabolist recording.

m.i.c. - This track segues with a gurgling synth line resembling the main guitar part from the previous one. The addition of a sax makes this a nice mood setting tune and is unfortunately a little shorter than I'd wish.

Macrolide (C H NO) - Slightly uptempo drum machine, synth and bass guitar.

Bacteroides - Drum machine and bass that sounds like a BGM or early Cabaret Voltaire outtake.

Side B:
Proteus - Slow pulsing snyth with guitars that works very well.

Amoxicillin - There is a bit between this song and the previous one that I wasn't sure where it belonged. Rather than keeping these two combined I included the brief sound burst at the end of B1 and the start of B2. What starts off as Jamaican sounding music, possibly another recording morphs into drum machine, synth, sax and more. The sax here, as in all but m.i.c. is very subdued and usually deep in the mix, not in your face.

Kiebsiella - Minimal synth and bass guitar.

Micoplasma (1979) - A slowed down version of similarly titled track on the other side. Like Conrad Schnitzler in 'super slo-mo'.

Dead World (LC M) - Minimal electronic contemplative piece that could have lasted 20 minutes rather than the two given here. In a way this one at the same time sounds possibly the most out of place in the entire box so far, and maybe my favorite from the set as well.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Den Sei Kwan - Pocket Planetaria Cassette (Vanity VAT3) 1981

Here is the third cassette from the Vanity box. More minimal diy electronics and a lot of shortwave radio.

There is a several minute section of silence after the first track on side A. I have excluded this portion in the archived version. There is a short two minute track after the silence consisting of French dialogue.


Side A:

Transparent Radio - slow repetitive distorted drum machine pattern & radio frequencies/noise. Reminds me of a slowed-down instrumental Throbbing Gristle, early Cabaret Voltaire/RH Kirk.

p x t x c = 1 - this may be the silent part between the two tracks.

thugu = rikwo - this is the track w/ the French dialogue.

Side B:

Sarava Tetudo - field and/or radio recordings w/ either a low grinding synth wave or a microphone experiment. Eventually a rhythm creeps toward the surface, but never quite bursting through. This track, and a couple others here, sound as solid as other diy electronic/industrial of the time and could also pass as new music on contemporary labels like Mego, Touch, Ash International....

Pocket Planetaria - Short noisier track, again primarily w/ radio sounds.

Plastic Garden - More radio experiments, the last five minutes of which is very faint.


Soundclash Five Year Anniversary Friday June 29th @ Marx Cafe, Washington DC

...and another plug for a big event this Friday - the five year anniversary of the best Jamaican music night in DC

First, go here: - all you need to know in some ways.

Well, you know how when you reach the top and they ask you "did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine..." Except... we're not at the top. But hey, we still rule, like cool rulers, rocking steady for five years and all that. The five years have blown by quickly, and I won't regale you with the history except to say: we've always been at Marx Cafe, we started it all from scratch (Lee Perry reference!), and we've brought you the best in Jamaican music, and that's a fact. Plus our flyers rule the nation. To those that have been getting these emails just about the full five years: thanks for your tolerance. It's worked.

So here's what will be on splendid offer this Friday as part of the Soundclash 5-Year Jubilation activities. Exceptional, fantabulous, Sammy Gong-designed t-shirts. The image of the Upsetters band (Lee 'Scratch' Perry's studio band, which later evolved into the Wailers) adorns these stylish stare-grabbers and is attached for your perusal. Guys' Tees will be available in a light blue, women's Tees in white, light blue and a very tiny offering of pink (seriously - if you want one, best shout now; they'll be gone before the first three crackles on the first 45 is done). $7. You will love these, seriously.

And giveaways. We will be giving away special Soundclash cd mixes, a couple of Trojan Records boxsets, buttons, and a few T-shirts. To get in on the raffle giveaway, arrive before the Midnight Hour and get your raffle ticket at the designated raffle table. And buy a t-shirt there too.

Drink specials. Marx Cafe will offer up $3.50 Red Stripes. Additionally, I've convinced Marx to foolishly make a Jamaican rum punch. And will it ever.

And that's it. Hope to see you there. Taking pics of yourself with your fave Soundclash DJ's will be free. Just this once...

WHERE: Marx Cafe, 3203 Mt. Pleasant St, NW
WHEN: Friday, June 29, 2007, from 10 pm to 3 am

Procedure Wed. June 27th @ Cafe Saint-Ex Gate 54 Washington DC

A plug for my friends' DJ night:


"something for everyone... and nothing for some"


nonchalantly sequenced melodies & noise:

Mark Williams + Richard Chartier

(and come help us say goodbye to Sam Reggio, one of our most loyal

listeners, as he leaves for Japan for 2 years)

once a month we present a quite laid back evening of lost and

forgotten music, ambient sounds, electronic whatnot, low brow tunes,

dark covers, b-sides, electric squiggles, bloopy unusual-ness,

blatant obviousness, avant garde obscurities, bubblegum oddities,

punk fun, unintentional hits and very intentional misses...and other

seemingly unrelated genre crossing nonchalantly sequenced.

listen. think. drink. repeat.

GATE 54 (downstairs at Café Saint-Ex)

1847 14th Street NW Washington DC

10pm-close / FREE / 21+




also this is the official after-party for:

JUNE 27, 2007 / 7-9pm

COLORFIELD REMIX: NIGHT #3 - Juried from open calls



500 17th STREET NW / WASHINGTON DC 20006


(*Presentation of $1000 KRAFT MEDIA PRIZE + $500 Honorable Mention)


Finalist, $1000 KRAFT MEDIA PRIZE


Honorable Mention, $500 KRAFT MEDIA PRIZE












TeZ (NL)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Kiilo Radical - Denki Noise Dance Cassette (Vanity VAT 2) 1981

Here is the second cassette in the Vanity box. This is by Kiilo Radical and titled Denki Noise Dance. Five tracks on this cassette also appeared on the Vanity Music DLP compilation (under the name Kiiro Radical) - four of those tracks appear here untitled and one track is part of the side titled Denki Noise Dance. At least a couple of the tracks appear to be different versions or mixes from the compilation.

I couldn't find much info about Kiilo Radical or Motida Masaaki other than a review of this cassette (but none of the others in the box) in Japanese here.

As for the music, it doesn't stray too far than the previous cassette - minimal electronics, some guitar, bass and sparse percussion. By comparison to the world outside the Vanity label - a less pounding, lower-fi Pan Sonic, ambient Mouse on Mars and side-projects Microstoria & Lithops with cruder instrumentation., and some tracks that could best be described as raw, lo-fi precursors to the minimal techno scene emerging in the late 90's (Brinkmann, etc...). When the guitar and homemade percussion pops in on untitled 5, I am reminded a bit of the loose/sloppy playing of DDAA (in a good way).

Side A, listed without a title is split into separate tracks but side B - Denki Noise Dance is not. At some points it was hard to determine when a track ended and another began.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

DJ Announcement - Champion Superior Soundsystem @ Marx Cafe, Wash DC This Friday (6/15)

Another month with five Fridays means it is time again for Champion Superior Soundsystem.

I will join Sam & Braulio on the decks for another night of dirty funk dub space afro fusion.

Hopefully mother nature will cooperate this time. The last event was marred by a freak snow/sleet/icy rain storm that followed several days of pleasant weather.

For anyone curious about the music, I posted an older dj set a while back which you can find here. Hopefully this time, we will all remember to keep track of our sets so I can archive them here in the future.

The Champion Superior SoundsystemFriday, March 1610 p.m. - 3 a.m.Marx Cafe 3203 Mt. Pleasant St.NWDCNo Cover, No Escape

Hope to see some of the local readers out there on Friday....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Salaried Man Club - Gray Cross Cassette (Vanity VAT 1) 1981

Now that the computer situation has been sorted out, I'll get back to business with a Vanity label post!

This is the first of six cassettes released on the Vanity label. I am not exactly sure about the history of these tapes. The six were released as a boxset in an edition of 70 copies. I have also seen them sold individually. So, the mystery is - did they release these as a boxset first and sold off the extra copies, or did they release them individually first and later packaged unsold copies as a boxset??

I've seen this boxset labeled Noise Box and Working on a Plan, which is taken from the inscription on the front flap: "Working on a Plan 1981 Agi Yuzuri". Agi was the founder of the label as well as the music editor for the Japanese magazine Rock Music, where Vanity artists and others were featured across twelve flexi-discs.

I will probably not post all six of these cassettes consecutively. There are a few other tapes archived just about ready to go as well which may be sprinkled in here. Included in this first post are a few extra photos of the box itself, which, as can be seen in the picture, has seen better days.

To be honest, until preparing this post, I haven't listened to these tapes in a long time. This first one is better than I recall, perhaps due to hearing for the first time and rediscovering so many other early 80's minimal electronic releases via Mutant Sounds and the like over the last several months.

The only other recorded appearance I know of from Salaried Man Club is on the compilation Foam posted here a few months ago. That track appears here in a different and extended form as the first track on side B (the entire side (4 tracks) is titled Gray Cross). I hear early Cabaret Voltaire & Throbbing Gristle at times, particularly in the bass lines.

The initial standout track (and the most melodic) is 'The Though of Y' (mis-titled in the zip file), featuring a nice combination of synth & human vocals.

Another crucial Vanity label release from the early 80's - contemporary with, and predating even more of some of the best of this genre.


Monday, June 11, 2007

V/A - Case of Telegraph Product 2 LP (Telegraph TG-020) 1983

Here is a nice varying collection of music from Japan circa 1983. This is the second part of the Case of Telegraph series, basically a sampler of the Telegraph Records roster including EP-4, Auto Mod, Pablo Picasso, Chance Operation and others.

Evolving out of the Vanity Label group RNA Organism, the two untitled abstract, industrial drone pieces from EP-4 (Unit 3) bookend this collection of mostly post-punk/no-wave tunes. 'Cineraria' by Be-2 is somewhat ambient in comparison to the rest of the tracks here as well and reminds me a bit of Haruomi Hosono's - Paradise View album.

The punk/no wave on the rest of the album sounds at times to those found on the Foam compilation posted here a while back.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

V/A - Alternative Funk-Folie Distinguee LP (Vox&Man/VP 231) 1985

My hard drive has finally been replaced after several diagnostic tests could not locate the problem with the old one. I'm currently on a business trip in the middle of nowhere so I have found some time to work on new posts.

I mentioned this LP a while ago when I posted the Alternative Funk cassette. In hindsight, I think the cassette I posted earlier, which in essence were the 'rejects' to what made the LP cut here, is a bit stronger overall, but there are some interesting pieces here as well. For the most part each track is either synth-pop or 80's electro funk. I think the synth pop tracks stands up a little better over time than the funk tunes.

The most notable artists on this LP comp are Vox Populi!, X Ray Pop & Psyclones, who contribute my favorite piece with a fairly infectious bassline.

I will update this post with cover scans once I return home this weekend.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Human Flesh - The Third Human Attempt Cassette (Insane Music/Aeon) 1984

I'm back temporarily to post a cassette that I archived before my computer broke down that has been sitting in my Rapidshare folder for a while. So, here is an early cassette from Human Flesh aka Alain Neffe. This cassette is brought to you by the Kaiser (aka Mark - DJ for DC events - DC Soundclash, Taking the Piss and Procedure). He provided two other Insane-related cassettes for archiving/posting, but I am allowing him to write commentaries on those before posting.

No time for descriptions today....

My home laptop is currently 'in the shop' - I expect it to be ready in the next couple days and hopefully then posts will be back to a greater frequency.


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

V/A - Autoplasie Cassette (Nuit et Brouillard NB 01) 1990

Finally, another post. This is a later cassette compilation on the Nuit et Brouillard label from 1990 titled Autoplasie. The cassette includes a 56 page 8.5"x11" booklet including features on each contributor including discographies.

There is a wealth of information contained in the booklet. Many smaller releases, primarily cassettes that I had never heard of when I picked this up years ago. I have since found some of these releases, but there are many more I would love to track down (Vox Populi Live/Studio & Live/Interview cassettes!!, for example). There appear to be 300 copies of the cassette, 200 that include the booklet.

The music is primarily industrial, sometimes ambient or dark, other times rhythmic. Prior to archiving this cassette a while back, I hadn't listened to this tape in years and forgot that there are some pretty good cuts here. Contributors include Brume, Vox Populi!, Deleted, Free Mount 231 (Free Mount & Pacific 231) and others (see photo for line-up).

One question - does anyone know why Brume makes a point to mention "no sampler" in the liner notes for his tracks? Is this supposed to be impressive? There is plenty of music like this made during the era before samplers....

I hope to pick up the frequency of posts going forward - my personal computer is still down, but will likely be repaired this weekend. Another volume from this label with similar packaging (tape & large booklet) titled Interaktion will probably be posted once the computer problems are resolved.

A copy of this cassette without the booklet is available at Atlantis Records (check the links on the sidebar).


Friday, April 13, 2007

Blowout sale at Atlantis Records GEMM site

I should also mention that the entire Atlantis Records inventory listed at GEMM is on sale. From at least $1 to over 75% on all titles. Many are marked down to 'starting bid' prices.

Keep in mind that the prices in the Atlantis catalog at GEMM reflects their 15% surcharge. Orders paid via Paypal, outside of GEMM, will be 15% less (pre-shipping). Prices will stay at the sale rate until the catalog is updated again - probably 2-3 weeks. Lots of good stuff, over 1,600 titles.