Saturday, September 1, 2007

Vox Populi! - Ectoplasmies 7" EP (VP 231 B) 1983

Here is the first and only 7" release by Vox Populi!.

Regular readers here have probably noticed my obsession with Vox Populi! I started listening to them around the time their second LP was released.

Although there are eight tracks on this record, being a 7", they amount to just over 14 minutes of music.

Overall, this record is different than their later folk/world and industrial funk styles, having more of a dark minimal synth sound, as if the cover art doesn't already give that away. It hovers somewhere in the space also occupied by Monton, Dark Day & of course, the Vanity label.

This is ripped at 256K since it is shorter length. Unfortunately, a few tracks suffer from a bit of crackle and popping.

Side A
1 I, the Mad - Slow minimal synth & bass track w/ vocals - worth the download alone
2 Sine die, sane Corpore - dark synth/drum machine w/ minimal echoed vocals
3 Brave Old World - slow dark synth w/ vocals & bass
4 Hemoptysie - short uptempo synth track

Side B:
1 Ectoplasme II - slow instrumental piece
2 Ectoplasme I - synth arpeggio w/ a slight bit of noise added to the waveform accompanied by piano going through a delay
3 Ectoplasme III - Too short minimal synth track - one of my favorite VP! tracks
4 Ectoplasme IV - Backward tapes & vocals with other sounds



Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, David!!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this 7" and Vox Populi! tape, I was planning to post the other lp, but you can posted if you like, that's no problem.


Anonymous said...

Vox Populi! has become one of my true favourites and mostly because of the stuff I've found from here. Thank you very much!