Monday, September 24, 2007

DJ Announcement - Procedure 3 year anniversary Wed. Sept. 26th @ Gate 54/Cafe Saint-Ex, Washington DC

Quick plug for my dj set this week.

I am filling in for my friend Mark and joining Richard Chartier to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of Procedure this Wednesday at Cafe Saint-Ex (downstairs at Gate 54).

It has been a while since I've done a guest spot at Procedure and I am really looking forward to playing a lot of music I've posted here as well as some rare tracks I've found on other sharing sites.

I hope local visitors to Atlantis Audio Archive are able to check it out...

"something for everyone... and nothing for some"


it all started back when we were called MIES at Blueroom. so much has
changed... yet everything is still the same.
so in celebration of this special day we are doing..... nothing special!
except providing audio in the form of something for everyone...
and nothing for some.

but don't let that stop you.... please come by and give us a hug.

nonchalantly sequenced melodies & noise:
Richard Chartier + oh wait we do have something special.... special

about mr applegate:
- founder of Atlantis Records (
- hosts Atlantis Audio Archive, a music sharing site featuring rare & forgotten electronic, industrial, wave & post-punk
- occasional musician appearing on over 10 releases
- radio/club dj for 20 years, most recently for the semi-regular Champion Superior Soundsystem @ Marx Cafe
- will be spinning timeless electronic music from the late 70's to the present recorded all around the world

once a month we present a quite laid back evening of lost and
forgotten music, ambient sounds, electronic whatnot, low brow tunes,
dark covers, b-sides, electric squiggles, bloopy unusual-ness,
blatant obviousness, avant garde obscurities, bubblegum oddities,
punk fun, unintentional hits and very intentional misses...and other
seemingly unrelated genre crossing nonchalantly sequenced.

listen. think. drink. repeat.

GATE 54 (downstairs at Café Saint-Ex)
1847 14th Street NW Washington DC
10pm-close / FREE / 21+


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