Sunday, September 2, 2007

Kallabris - Njonto LP (Jazztone JT137) 1988

Here is the second LP from Kallabris, released in 1988. This LP is pressed on black vinyl and housed in a handmade lino-cut sleeve.

The music is less murky than the previous LP, but still quite industrial/ambient and briefly, at the beginning of side B, drifts into shoegazer drone territory. Accordion and vocals of various sorts are more prevalent here than the first LP. There also appears to be more control over the sound here as well. The metal or other found percussion seems to naturally fit here and doesn't become a distraction, or too overwhelming.

I have spare copies of this LP and their A Smile for Brandon cassette available for trade if anyone is interested - contact me via the comments section or e-mail to:

I also have both of their 7"s available for purchase here.



Anonymous said...


Thanks for the 2 Kallabris albums, realy looking forward to hearing them.


Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Cranio - hope you enjoy them, and thanks for posting the cass/10"