Thursday, November 29, 2007

DJ Announcement - Soundclash @ Marx Cafe Washington DC - Friday, Nov. 30th (tomorrow)

I will be filling in for the Kaiser this week at Soundclash DC - the best Jamaican music night in the DC area.

It also looks like this will be my last local DJ appearance as well. I will be moving out of state soon, possibly by the end of the year.

Hope to see you there...

Some more info:

So, another mash-up of Jamaican stylings at Mt. Pleasant Corner is upon you. Who resists? No one. Not a single one. And neither did you last month when we had our impromptu dance-off for Ras Michael tickets - nice. If you haven't heard, btw, the Smithsonian's Museum for Natural History is showcasing a small exhibit on Rastafarianism. We encourage you to take a gander.

Now, on to our usual noble offerings. The mix you crave is up:, then click Soundclash 11.30 at the top. This month's flyer features original Skatalites tenor sax men Tommy McCook and Roland Alphonso, hence we threw in a few tunes by them. Also just in is our very own Bobby Babylon's showcase piece on the Chicago band The Drastics. Check it:

And for this month's Soundclash, we have a special guest DJ, the Man from Atlantis (see Rumors of Studio One 12-inches an ON-U Sound dub plates are at this point strictly rumors. Tantalizing though, huh?

WHERE: Marx Cafe, 3203 Mt. Pleasant St, NW
WHEN: Friday, November 30, 2007, from 10 pm to 3 am


Monday, November 19, 2007

Bernard C. - Prince Emile de LY de Magneville Cassette (Illusion Productions 013) 1983

Here is a rare cassette from Bernard C. (Jacques). Not sure what the official title it as it differs between the front, back & spine of cassette case.

It is an early release on Illusion Productions (IP 013) from 1983. Bernard C. is probably best known musically via his connections to DDAA and the Illusion Productions label.

This one was archived a while ago and was due to be posted around the same time I posted the DDAA - Prehistoric Rejet Cassette back in February. However, the recording appears to be a bit lopsided. While viewing in an audio editing program, the sound appears to be mostly present, but not entirely, in one channel. It isn't too noticeable through speakers, but probably isn't that great to listen to with headphones. I was hoping to track down another one and see if this was just a bad copy, or if all were released this way. Is there anyone else who owns this tape that can comment???

The liner notes attribute Bernard C. with Claviers, Bandes, Traitements, Voix.
Fabienne Perret is credited with Alto Sax on one track.

Here is the tracklist as it appears in the insert...

Side A:
Les Chants Revolutionnaires Part I - VI

Side B:
Les Jardins D'espagne (EXT.)
Prince Emile de LY

9/22/2011 - Expired link updated...

Denier du Culte - Mission dans le Neant/L'Appel Cassette (K& 001) 1984

Next up is a cassette from Denier du Culte, a trio featuring Philippe Blanchard (Lt. Caramel), Sylvie Loquet (La Sonorite Jaune) and Alain Basso. It was recorded in 1984 and released in a numbered edition of 400 copies.

Each side has a unique title. Here is the tracklist:

Side A - 'Mission dans le Neant'

1 - Contention
2 - L'Archange enflamme
3 - Le don de la souillure
4 - Affres
5 - Noctambule

Side B - 'L'Appel'

1 - L'Appel
2 - Nouveau culte
3 - Cadavres
4 - Lune du miel
5 - La peste
6 - Lien metallique
7 - Bellissima

Side B is left a complete track.


Geins't Nait - A Consumer Sans Moderation Cassette (SSS 17)

To make up for my lack of posts recently, I will try to get a few posts up tonight. To accomplish this, I will keep my comments to a minimum.

Clearing out some disk space with some cassette I archived a while ago.

First off is an early cassette by Geins't Nait, or Geins't Na'i't, as spelled on this release. This is a lot better, and more interesting than I remember the last time I heard this.

Their LP Fishes can be found on Mutant Sounds here.

This one is left as two side-long rips. Perhaps at a future date, I'll repost it if I can get around to splitting the tracks apart.... Here is the tracklist per the entry in Discogs:

Plus De Légumes
Ardeur Au Travail
Super Marchor
Par Téléphone
Splendeur Mécanique
Fin De Week- End
Quand Nous Serons Petits À Nouveau
Les Dix Petits Nains
Eat Tropic
Ardeur Au Travail
G. N.
N'est Ce Pas?


Thursday, November 15, 2007

DJ Announcement - Champion Superior Soundsystem @ Marx Cafe, Wash DC - Friday Nov. 16th

A bit short notice here...
I will be spinning at Marx Cafe this Friday for the occasional Champion Superior Soundsystem.

I hope to have a new post up this weekend.

Hey kids!

Come on out and play Friday night as me and the boys rock Marx Café at The Champion Superior Soundsystem. The Champion Superior Soundsystem is a night of funk, freak, Brazilian, reggae and a beat-driven kitchen sink. It is more fun than drugs, but slightly less mind-altering than eating lead paint peelings off of kids’ toys. However, there is no cover to get in.

Check it:
The Champion Superior Soundsystem
Friday, 10 pm
Marx Café
3203 Mt. Pleasant St. NWDC
No Cover

For visuals and sound samples.