Monday, November 19, 2007

Bernard C. - Prince Emile de LY de Magneville Cassette (Illusion Productions 013) 1983

Here is a rare cassette from Bernard C. (Jacques). Not sure what the official title it as it differs between the front, back & spine of cassette case.

It is an early release on Illusion Productions (IP 013) from 1983. Bernard C. is probably best known musically via his connections to DDAA and the Illusion Productions label.

This one was archived a while ago and was due to be posted around the same time I posted the DDAA - Prehistoric Rejet Cassette back in February. However, the recording appears to be a bit lopsided. While viewing in an audio editing program, the sound appears to be mostly present, but not entirely, in one channel. It isn't too noticeable through speakers, but probably isn't that great to listen to with headphones. I was hoping to track down another one and see if this was just a bad copy, or if all were released this way. Is there anyone else who owns this tape that can comment???

The liner notes attribute Bernard C. with Claviers, Bandes, Traitements, Voix.
Fabienne Perret is credited with Alto Sax on one track.

Here is the tracklist as it appears in the insert...

Side A:
Les Chants Revolutionnaires Part I - VI

Side B:
Les Jardins D'espagne (EXT.)
Prince Emile de LY

9/22/2011 - Expired link updated...


Anonymous said...

Listened to my copy of this after seeing your post. Sounds like you have a bum copy. Mine has audio in both channels. The first 8-9 mins of the Bernard C material sounds like two separate pieces, one hard pan left, the other hard pan right. After that, pretty much a stereo, two channel mix. Oh, and tell your pal the Kaiser, his old radio pal, Damon Creed dropped by with this comment.

Unknown said...

Very interesting cassette compared to Bernard C's masterpiece 'Lieu magique' LP, also on Illusion Prod. Thanks for sharing this. I posted the Illusion Prod 'Deux Pingouins' cassette the other day on:
Keep on the good work.

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Damon - thanks for the info. There is audio in both channels. It just looks heavily slanted on one side when viewing the waveform. Guess I'll keep looking for another copy...
I passed on your note to the Kaiser.

Tony - Yes, his LP is very nice. Thanks for link. You have a great blog by the way.

Exeter said...

The Kaiser and Damon Creed.
Wow, It's been a long time since KCMU
tanked and I stopped listening.
Thanks to you two for great shows, some of which I taped off the air.

per93 said...

Could you re-post this one as well? I missed your blog for a while (a loong while) and now some stuff is gone. :-(

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Per93 - Just re-posted the link