Thursday, November 15, 2007

DJ Announcement - Champion Superior Soundsystem @ Marx Cafe, Wash DC - Friday Nov. 16th

A bit short notice here...
I will be spinning at Marx Cafe this Friday for the occasional Champion Superior Soundsystem.

I hope to have a new post up this weekend.

Hey kids!

Come on out and play Friday night as me and the boys rock Marx Café at The Champion Superior Soundsystem. The Champion Superior Soundsystem is a night of funk, freak, Brazilian, reggae and a beat-driven kitchen sink. It is more fun than drugs, but slightly less mind-altering than eating lead paint peelings off of kids’ toys. However, there is no cover to get in.

Check it:
The Champion Superior Soundsystem
Friday, 10 pm
Marx Café
3203 Mt. Pleasant St. NWDC
No Cover

For visuals and sound samples.


Anonymous said...

Thanks much, David. I always look forward to your posts. Been following your blog since it started. Have a great weekend!


Salaried Man Club said...

Man, so many great posts!

Requests, you ask?

Do you have any MONOTON releases not reissued by Oval (those 2 CDs)?

I think he did at least one or two other 7" that I can't find.

Also, any minimal japanese electronics/synth along the lines of Tolerance is SOO much appreciated. Best.