Thursday, October 18, 2007

Metabolist - Live July 20th, 1978 - Action Space

Here is a live recording of Metabolist from 1978!!!

This post is provided by the kind Frans de Waard.
A note from Frans:

'this tape was given to me many years ago when
Edward Ka-spel lived almost around my corner. He had a big box of
tapes and when browsing through it, I found this, and Edward said I
could keep it. The ink on the tape is worn out, but it reads
'metabolist 20/7/78' and then 'actionspart', although the word 'part'
is hard to read. This year I transferred it for a friend of mine, but
didn't index it - Frans de Waard'

I was going to try and identify as many titles as possible but I have been short on spare time these
days.  Here is what I have so far based on memory or titles announced on the recording:

Side A:

track one - Curly Wall
track two - Pinstripe??
track three  - Rainy Day (possibly a cover of It's a Rainy Day Sunshine Girl by Faust)
track four - ?? can anyone tell what he says this track is called at the end??
track five - I Can't Identify (Identify) (about 45 seconds)

Side B:
track one - I Can't Identify (Identify) (the remaining 90 seconds)
track two - ??
track three - ?? (over 20 min long, Eulam's Beat and 'Any News'??)
track four - I Don't Want To
track five - The Big One

If anyone else figures out the other track titles, leave a comment and I'll update the tracklist.

This is the first live recording I've ever encountered from Metabolist and the first time in over ten years since I've heard 'new to me' recordings from them. If you ever encounter Frans or Edward in the future be sure to buy them a drink and thank them for providing this recording.
Side A
Side B

thanks to Mondara:

the gig that this is a recording of was at Action Space, Chenies Street, London. So the cassette must read "Action Space"


hogon said...

wow ! a lost metabolist live ! what a discovery !

thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Great Blogg! Metabolist is an old favorite!! Wonderful to find them again

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this. A thrill to hear it after all these years... There otherwise seems to be so little that's survived of this truely original band... I've always been fond of Metabolist's cassettes and for many years I had the Jacqueline Bailey A4 poster on my bedroom wall which said: "Hansten Klork can be your friend too!"... - love to see that image again...
regards, Mondara

Anonymous said...

By the way, the gig that this is a recording of was at Action Space, Chenies Street, London. So the cassette must read "Action Space". Regards,

terminaltoy said...

Wow, that's great!The punky man's This Heat live 1978! Life is good! Thank you one and all!

Anonymous said...

Late I know, but if Mondara is still reading:

nnnrmmm said...

Could you possibly repost this post, it is no longer there and I love Metabolist!!! One of my all time favourites!!!

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Files re-posted

frans de waard said...


i lost these on a harddisc crash, and wanted them again.. app rapidshare removed thema again..



Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Frans - Thans again for initially providing this to the blog. Hopefully they won't get removed again.

frans de waard said...

for whatever strange reason its still not there, maybe rapidshare doesnt like metabolist?


frans de waard said...

hey man, for whatever reason rapidshare deleted it again. maybe put it on megaupload?