Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Camera 3 - Russians in Space 7" (Service Records SER 001) 1979

As promised, here is the one (and only to my knowledge) 7" by Camera 3. There are several Metabolist connections here. The 7" was produced by Simon Millward and Anton Loach while Mark Rowlatt played the drums. This session was also recorded in the Metabolist studio.

Aside from Mark Rowlatt on drums, Camera 3 consisted of:

Paul Miller - bass
Graham Weston - guitar
Andrew Johnson - vocals & keyboards

The B-side, The Solution to All Problems has a strong Metabolist feel, both in the drums and the production, particularly the slight phase shifting of the drums that sound a lot like Neu! as well.

The slight distortion throughout both sides, especially in the louder vocal parts, appears to be in the pressing. This was just ripped today with a one week old needle and subsequent records played after this are not distorting.

Next up is their cassette - Love Like Acid.



Anonymous Schizo said...

never heard of Camera 3, this is a really great recording. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Just a tip when it comes to naming or using [ 7" ]. Windows won't let you use a " character in the file name or folder name, but you can still type ' twice. So it looks like '' - and, in the end, appears to be an inch mark instead of a foot mark. Maybe this is not helpful to know, I'm not sure.

Thanks for the great music as always and have a nice weekend.


Atlantis Audio Archive said...

thanks for the tip Jeff. Didn't know that about Windows. I'll try and remember to do that in the future...

Anonymous said...

Don't really know much about Camera 3 but the singer Andrew Johnson is the brother of Matt Johnson and was later on known more for his artwork (eg. all The The/ Some Bizzare covers etc) under the pseudoname 'andy Dog'. hope this is useful:-)