Sunday, April 20, 2008

Uncommunity - Brutality of Fact 7" (Cause for Concern/Black Dwarf cdcg 1) 1984

I hope this hasn't been posted already somewhere. This is the only vinyl release from Uncommunity, outside of a few compilation appearances.

Uncommunity was an early project by Tim Gane, who would go on to bigger and better things with McCarthy, and for the last 15+ years, Stereolab. This single was released in a numbered edition of 525 copies.

The a-side (title track) is an industrial mixture of machine-like noise, metal klangs and classical music.

The b-side holds up much better. The first track, Wall of Sleep (soundtrack), is a relaxing, yet slightly unsettling piece with guitar, a mic'd film projector, and some other plucked & scraped sounds. Anonymously dropping this track for someone could register so many guesses as to who it is, and Tim Gane would probably never be an early choice, if one at all.

The last track, The Price of Your Entry is Sin, is minimal electronics, backwards guitar and other sounds and occasional vocals. This track holds up to any number of French minimal synth groups from the early 80's who ventured into the darker, noisy side.

I have a few cassettes from Uncommunity. If anyone would like to see these posted, leave a comment here.

There is some unfortunate noise, crackle and a couple loud pops.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Minnesota Record Show - this Saturday, April 5th

For anyone in or near the Twin Cities area:
I will be selling records at the bi-monthly MN Record Show. It will be at the VFW at 2916 Lyndale Ave S. in Minneapolis, near Lake St. The show will be open from 9am to 4pm.

Most of the non-techno vinyl in my Discogs catalog will be there - many at reduced prices. A lot of other vinyl not listed there, as well as some goodies from my own collection will also be for sale.

A link to their website.
Admission is only $2!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

V/A - Sound Cosmodel LP (Atelier Peyotl APSP-018) 1984

Finally finished this album requested by many visitors. Sound Cosmodel contains 50 short tracks by a variety of international musicians.

The album includes a nice large booklet featuring 'postcard' contributions from each artist/group.

Musically, this collection jumps all over the place from industrial, noise, synth, no wave, jazz, improv, rock...

A few of my favorites tracks here are:

Woo - The Western (for those who aren't familiar, I suggest checking out Mutant Sounds for their excellent LPs)

Morgan Fisher - Africasio (Jon Appleton-like melodic electronic droplets)

Banana - Kenosuna (With a wicked dark bass stab that, for many years now, I still keep expecting a Ed Rush/Nico (or insert many other d&b artists)-type beat to drop)

Feliu Gasull - La Tigre sa de Berna (flamenco guitar music that provides am interesting contrast to much of the other music on this album. This is exactly the impression I had of his appearance on Angelic Technology cassette posted here last year)

Con - Hommage a Kyoto (Conrad Schnitzler's signature synth sound circa his Egg label LP)

Sonoko Yasuda - George Boy (aka Sonoko, who released an LP & 7" on Crammed)

Nasmak provides a track that reminds me of This Heat

Here is the full tracklist from discogs:

A1 Nasmak The Only Thing I Remember Is Your Taste And Your Smell

Bass - Theo Van Eenbergen
Drums - Toon Bressers
Guitar [Acoustic] - Joop Van Brakel
Recorded By, Mixed By - Roland Smits
Vocals - Henk Janssen*
A2 1/2 Japanese Girl Athletes

Bass, Written By - David Fair
Guitar - Mark Jikling
Saxophone - John Dreyfuss
Vocals, Drums - Jad Fair
A3 Conventum '82* Autobus 55: Visages

Double Bass - Pierre Cartier
Guitar [Classic], Composed By - André Duchesne
Guitar [Electric] - Rene Lussier*
Percussion - Carol Bergeron
Recorded By, Mixed By - Jean-Romain Clark
A4 Pseudo-Code* Nothing More "Pseudo Product 22"
A5 Vincent Units, The Winter, From The Vincent Units Four Seasons
A6 Size (4) Go-Go Girl

Bass - Walter Schmidt (3)*
Drums - Dean Style
Guitar, Synthesizer - Carlos Robledo*
Voice - Illy Godzilla
A7 Element/L Bels
A8 Yung Tsubotaj One From Ten
A9 John Bender Nippon Projectile 1982
A10 Subject (2) Fever
A11 Stefan Weisser Oomoonoon
A12 Kevin Harrison Dieplay Of Nerve
A13 Shoichi Serigano Dance On Air
A14 Amos & Sara Sylvia

Composed By - C. D. Greyt
A15 Feliu Gasull La Tigre Sa De Berna
A16 Human Flesh N'Importe Quoi
A17 Chris Cutler Setting Out, But Not Arriving

Drums, Percussion - Chris Cutler
A18 Yochk'o Seffer* Noces Chimiques
A19 Carlos Peron Fake Jazz VI
A20 Masami Endow Anata No Sobani

Engineer - T. Imai
A21 Cortex (2) Cortex/Y
A22 Sonoko Yasuda* George Boy
A23 Sha'ul Music For Organ And Tape
A24 Black Sheep* Time Warp

Bass - Rock Steady (3)
Drums - Frank D. Kangaroo
Featuring [Guests And Friends] - Headmasters, The
Flute, Melodica, Voice - Major Porkchop Hatchet Feather Miss
Guitar - Red Phantome
Saxophone - Ego Dwarf
Voice, Drums - Doctor Wasted
A25 Veedtharm Morgan Fisher* Africasio
B1 Banana (4) Kenosuna
B2 Uns Live At Savoy Tivoli, S. F.
B3 Die Form M
B4 Nurse With Wound I Gan Noo Wha Ma Organ's Gan
B5 Jon Rose Live In Holland

Violin [Five String] - Jon Rose
B6 Tatsuo Kohki Fluctuation
B7 Geoff Leigh Time / A Wedding Every 20 Minutes
B8 Hamza El Din Tar
B9 Art Zoyd Etat D'Urgence

Composed By - Thierry Zabitzeff*
B10 Dorothea M. L. Franck* 1 Min. From Piece Making Sense Making Peace
B11 Mamy Exemption
B12 Goebbels* & Harth* Watch Out

Composed By, Performer - Alfred Harth*
Composed By, Performer, Recorded By, Mixed By - Heiner Goebbels
B13 Walter Schmidt (3) Loops 1979-1981

Tape, Synthesizer [Micro], Performer [Filter] - Walter Schmidt (3)
B14 I Scream Extract From "Collage"
B15 Con* Hommage A Kyoto
B16 Woo (3) The Western
B17 Balkan Rebels One Minute Woodshed

Producer - Johnny Jostins
B18 Deux Filles She Slides
B19 Magneet Bond 245
B20 Fred Frith Typical American Family
B21 Gahi Gahi's Disco
B22 Biting Tongues What You Mean, No Elvis?
B23 Ludus Bloody Chamber
B24 Z'EV Live In Berlin
B25 Bene Gesserit From Belgium With Laugh

Unfortunately, there is some surface noise & pops on a few tracks. Ripped @256

Enjoy Side A
Enjoy Side B