Friday, September 28, 2007

Metabolist - Goatmanaut Cassette (Dromm Records) 1979

This is the first of two cassettes released by the legendary UK post-punk group Metabolist. A lazy comparison of their sound would be a cross between This Heat & Magma, but they go much further than that. Always uncompromising, the Metabolist MO as they stated in Eurock magazine, was to refuse to be dictated to by fashion or establishing a 'Metabolist' sound and sticking to it forever.

I first discovered Metabolist around 1990 after buying a copy of their split 7" with Die Form. I purchased it for the Die Form track but ended up liking the Metabolist side more. A few years later, I traded that 7" away (perhaps to Dragnet records). Not long after that I found their LP and 7"s which reignited my interest in them. I then sought to track everything else they released including the split 7".

I launched a Metabolist web-site/discography on-line around 10 years ago in the hopes it would generate more interest in them and prompt a reissue campaign.

A CD that combines the LP, 7"s & compilation appearances exists. I figured it was a bootleg until I noticed it for sale at Amazon Japan. The Amazon listing mentions these are remastered recordings. I'm not sure if the band had any part of this reissue though as I've been told by one member that one or more other members had no interest in seeing Metabolist music reissued.

Next up will be their other cassette, Stagmanaut.



Anonymous said...


many thanks for this tape,looking forward to the next one.


Henk Madrotter said...

wow!!!! you don't know how happy you are making me!!!! i bought the hansten klork album when i was 16, back in '81 and it still ranks among my favorite albums. you just made my day!!!!

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

madrotter - glad to make your day. Hope you like the live set too.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Thanks for making this stuff available! Amazing...