Monday, June 11, 2007

V/A - Case of Telegraph Product 2 LP (Telegraph TG-020) 1983

Here is a nice varying collection of music from Japan circa 1983. This is the second part of the Case of Telegraph series, basically a sampler of the Telegraph Records roster including EP-4, Auto Mod, Pablo Picasso, Chance Operation and others.

Evolving out of the Vanity Label group RNA Organism, the two untitled abstract, industrial drone pieces from EP-4 (Unit 3) bookend this collection of mostly post-punk/no-wave tunes. 'Cineraria' by Be-2 is somewhat ambient in comparison to the rest of the tracks here as well and reminds me a bit of Haruomi Hosono's - Paradise View album.

The punk/no wave on the rest of the album sounds at times to those found on the Foam compilation posted here a while back.


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