Monday, June 18, 2007

Kiilo Radical - Denki Noise Dance Cassette (Vanity VAT 2) 1981

Here is the second cassette in the Vanity box. This is by Kiilo Radical and titled Denki Noise Dance. Five tracks on this cassette also appeared on the Vanity Music DLP compilation (under the name Kiiro Radical) - four of those tracks appear here untitled and one track is part of the side titled Denki Noise Dance. At least a couple of the tracks appear to be different versions or mixes from the compilation.

I couldn't find much info about Kiilo Radical or Motida Masaaki other than a review of this cassette (but none of the others in the box) in Japanese here.

As for the music, it doesn't stray too far than the previous cassette - minimal electronics, some guitar, bass and sparse percussion. By comparison to the world outside the Vanity label - a less pounding, lower-fi Pan Sonic, ambient Mouse on Mars and side-projects Microstoria & Lithops with cruder instrumentation., and some tracks that could best be described as raw, lo-fi precursors to the minimal techno scene emerging in the late 90's (Brinkmann, etc...). When the guitar and homemade percussion pops in on untitled 5, I am reminded a bit of the loose/sloppy playing of DDAA (in a good way).

Side A, listed without a title is split into separate tracks but side B - Denki Noise Dance is not. At some points it was hard to determine when a track ended and another began.



Anonymous said...

Denki Noise Dance (1969*) is Minimal Electronic Music by Kiiro (Yellow) Radical (Mochida Masaaki form Tottori Japan).

Same as a “The Vanity Box” compilation, which included Denki Noise Dance 1~5 (part of this MC) by Kiiro Radical, Agi Yuzuru hand picked music from open entrees sent from all Japan to the Rock Magazine editorial for “noise box” 6 x MC box set. The set was sold via Vanity Record, which was the label of Rock Magazine.

Denki Noise Dance is quite good minimal electronic music. Likely recorded at his home studio with cheap sounding synth for basic backbone. There are some guitar work reminds Derek Bailey somehow. And percussion sound like made by hitting handmade cardboard box like instrument. The ambiguous melody flows are just right, neither gone too sentimental nor over played. Ambiguous but beautifully clear. Kind of works transfer the ambience to transparent with direct stimulations to your brain cell.

It sounds like the early work of Aphex Twin or maybe Conrad Schnitzler from early German progressive electronic music if you like. Work such as this should be re-discovered for today’s listener but as you may know it is not easy task to get hold of most of early Japanese DIY music.

Agi has made a comment that Mochida Masaaki has a great talent but he didn't have his commitment to music. Perhaps Mochida was not so interested in music business aspect? not as much as Mr. Agi was.

It is very regrettable but seems Kiiro Radical (mochida masaaki) no longer producing music. The goggle returned with almost no information on him. I would love to hear what he comes up with today's technology.

Translated by masaka

*date 1969 was found on 目目連's page.

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

thank you for the translation - that reads a lot easier than the babelfish translation I tried to do... I'm still not sure what the year 1969 refers to - perhaps Motida Masaaki's birth year??

rhizome said...

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