Sunday, August 19, 2007

V/A - Necronomicon 2 2xCassette (Necronomicon N002) 1985

Another request that was coincidentally almost ready to post.

A sure sign your music collection is too big: Several months ago I tried to bid on this compilation and was and did not win it. A few months later while browsing through some of my shelves, I pulled this out and was joyed & surprised to see I already owned it!

This compilation includes two cassettes and a 24 pg. booklet featuring text and art contributions from the artists. The tapes are split between US and European participants.

A lot of moderately well-known (Vox Populi!, P16.D4, F/i, Smersh, Architects Office, Psyclones...) and many unknown contribute one or two tracks to this collection including Coral Infantil Cantaires del Cadi, comprising of children with no prior musical experience and Catalonian musicians from Error Genetico, Macromassa and others.

Full tracklist:

USA Cassette

Side A:
F/i - Azazabee
F/i - Mood Sequence
Sombrero Galaxy - Buy a Gun
Architects Office - Hymnosis
Machinic Indices - Untitled Komposition iv
Psyclones - Slabtard

Side B:
Smersh - Holiday Task Dub
White Hand - Screams that Whisper
Architects Office - I Chris
Psyclones & Schlafengarten - Chicke Skin
Billy Club Puppet - Almost Dread Inna Belltown

European Cassette

Side A:
Die Welttraumforscher (CH)- The Return of Abdul Al-Hazred
Die Welttraumforscher (CH)- Natascha
El Obscuro Interior (E)- Olvido & Duda
P16.D4 (D) - Setebos Seconda
Recursos Ajenos (E) - Gatos
Non Toxique Lost (D) - Die 4 Tempramente
Tasaday (I) - Il Respiro Si Blocca
Coral Infantil Cantaires del Cadi (E) - Quan El Sol Es pon
Coral Infantil Cantaires del Cadi (E) - El Rellotge

Side B:
Avant-Dernieres Pensees (E) - El Lujo de Ser Olvidados
Vox Populi! (F) - Holkar
Linea Tactica (E) - Suiza-Geneve. Raspaduras En El Cuello, Friccion Dolorosa
Tasaday (I) - Spiragli in Spazi
Merz (E) - El Signo
Falx Cerebri (D) - Durch Schmerz Zum Orgasmus
Zusammewaschen (E) - Aurera Schrammaschine

USA Cassette
European Cassette


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your bidding story, only to find out you already owned it. I've downloaded several things, only to find that I too already had it.

Dualtrack said...

Great post! I remember when this came out and I didn't have the cash to buy it ... figured I'd never get to hear it.

I was in a band with Gregor Jamrowski (Billy Club Puppet), which is how I heard about it. Very luxurious to finally get to listen.

Thank You!

Anonymous said...


Thanks very much for the two cassettes. They are **very** good!


Anonymous said...



Hi! Necronomicón 1,3 & 4 is avalaible at:


Unknown said...

hi -

this is marcelo, one of the original editors of necronomicón - thanx a million for uploding and making it available to all in the net -

obscure60s said...

please can you re-upload the necronomikon cassette the link has been disabled.