Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nishimura Alimoti - Shibou Cassette (Vanity VAT 6) 1981

And here it is, the last cassette in the Vanity box. In complete contrast to the previous tape, and just about every other Vanity release, this is much louder and contains very little electronics - the majority of the music here being guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Again, as usual, no info on the web on Nishimura Alimoti.

Like everything on Vanity, it is mostly on the lo-fi/diy side. To make some lazy comparisons, I'll throw out Metabolist, Joy Division (track B2 - Ninshiki Yoso particularly) and possibly the sludge bass/guitar of early Skullflower on a couple tracks (at least what I remember how they sounded 10/15+ years ago). There are probably many other comparisons to be made here as well, both contemporary to this release as well as a lot of semi-recent music.

Being on vacation right now and having very limited internet access, I will not go into much detail here so I can finally complete this post as I've been sitting on this one for a while trying to find time to do a proper review.

For anyone who wishes to purchase an original copy of this cassette, I have a spare copy for sale. Check the links under Atlantis Records in the side-bar for more details. I suppose providing a copy of this for download will not generate many willing to purchase the real thing these days...

And this concludes the Vanity box archive series - many more posts planned once I return from vacation: the three Vanity 7"s, more Vox Populi! and a few other titles I've hinted at posting in previous posts.


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