Friday, December 12, 2008

Normal Brain Frottage Flexi 7" & Ready Made LP @ 45 RPM

Several years ago when I first purchased and listened to the Normal Brain LP, my turntable was still set at 45 rpm after listening to another record. I didn't realize until later that the label lists 33 rpm. For the next few years, I then listened to the LP at 33 rpm, and ripped it at that speed when I posted it here.

Then, some time last year, I finally tracked down a copy of the flexi 7" for their track Frottage. The flexi lists the speed as 45 rpm, which turns out to sound the same as the LP version played at 45 rpm. Upon this realization, I then wondered if the LP was intended for 45 rpm playback all along. Some time has passed, and I finally recorded the LP at 45 rpm.

Given that the LP had conflicting track names and variations of the album title, perhaps the speed was listed incorrect as well - intentionally or not. The flexi version, and the LP version turn out to be the same length, but I haven't done a note for note comparison to see if they are 100% identical.

I'm now leaning toward the LP being 45. I'm curious what you think.
These were converted @ 320K as well.

The flexi was originally included with an issue of Rock magazine.

9/22/2011 - Expired link updated below...


brbeard said...

Interesting...personally, I think the album sounds better a 33 rpm -- so that's the way I'm leaning. The 45 rpm version just SOUNDS sped up (unlike at 33, where the voice sounds natural..which is a relative term here, of course). I'm guessing the track on the flexi is track 2 (Frottage 'One Way'), rather than track 5 (Frottage SW)...If so, the track length printed on the label matches the length of the LP track when played at 33 rpm (this may've been what you were saying in the post, I'm not sure if I followed you there).

In any event, I'm guessing these guys would like the idea of people playing their album at different speeds. My (figurative) record player's going to be set to 33 though. On that note, thanks for all the great Vanity Records stuff, man! Never thought I'd see those 7"s in particular - your generosity is much appreciated.

brbeard said...

Oops -- just saw that the flexi was actually in the download too -- so it is in fact track 2 rather than 5. That track, in particular, still sounds pretty cool at 45. With all the obviously conflicting info surrounding the band and its releases (and with their interest in dada), I'm guessing these guys are just trying to invite participation from the audience here. Nothing's set in stone (cut in vinyl) here. The record can be played at 45, or it can be played to last 3 and a half minutes, whichever suits your tastes at the moment.

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

brbeard - My dyslexia must have kicked in when I looked at the flexi label. I thought it read 2:38, which was about the length of the 45 version of 2:36. So now I have to lean back to this being intended for 33 rpm.

Anonymous said...

The label on the disk of the LP "Lady Maid" says clearly 33RPM (see the left side). Therefore, I think 45RPM on the flexi "Frottage" is a misptint.

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying that!

Your music blog is quite a VERY decent inspiration for what I wanna do with my own ;-)

Thanks and cheers!


per93 said...

Hello, is there a chance to repost the LP and flexi by Normal Brain, please? It'd be very appreciated.

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Per93 - the Normal Brain file has been re-posted

c.patera said...

Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in here:
While the LP and the flexi both sound great 33 and 45, as a proud owner of a Texas Instruments "Speak & Spell", I can confirm that the electronic voice on the record matches that of the toy when played at 33rpm. Thanks for the alternate rip just the same!!