Tuesday, February 19, 2008

V/A - Sensationnel Vol.1 Cassette (Illusion Production IP012) 1983

This is the first volume of the Sensationnel series released by Illusion Production in 1983. Volumes 2-4 of this series were posted by Mutant Sounds last year, and Volume 5 was recently
posted by Continuo.

Like all the other volumes, booklets and other inserts with contributions from the artists were included with the music. Paphio23 has provided a link to these for volume 1 here.

Standout tracks for me are the two synth pieces from Philippe Laurent, a Merzbow track with drum machines (another excellent early track), one of my favorite DDAA songs and the contributions from Rock Critics & Prince Emile de Ly (presumably Bernard C.).

The tracklist below is adapted from the discogs entry for this which appears to be incorrect. There are two tracks by Jacques & Bernard C, not one as listed there. I am only guessing that their two tracks are in succession, so there is a chance the tracklist is incorrect.

Side A:
A1 Philippe Laurent Exposition Partie 5
A2 Legendary Pink Dots, The A Day At The Dreamies
A3 P16.D4 Physisch Erschöpft
A4 Deux Pingouins 3 Essais Musicaux
A5 Kevin Harrison Signal Music And Collage
A6 Un Département Tu Veux Ma Radio
A7 Prince Emile De Ly Alaijozi Con Carmen
A8 Germain Hubert Ales Swinging Pool
A9 Jacques & Bernard C. Moiteur Tropicale
A10 Jacques & Bernard C. Humidité Urbaine
A10 Arsène Fée Merrie Melodies

Side B:
B1 Rock Critics Oasis
B2 Die Endzeitakrobaten Ein Friedhof In Zürich
B3 Ptôse Production Ecraser La Vermine
B4 Merzbow Envoise 24882
B5 DDAA Driving My Car With A Cigarette
B6 Blinddarm Intensivstation
B7 E.C.A. (3) Music Of The Deep H.P.
B8 Steven Parker To Turn In Her Girl
B9 S. Minimal Projet Drumming Animal
B10 Travis And The Nuns Reaction Overload Extrait
B11 Philippe Laurent Exposition Partie 2

Again, thanks to Mutant Sounds, Continuo & Paphio23 for the other uploads & everyone who visits here and enjoys the music. Now that I am getting settled in the very cold Twin Cities area, I hope to get back to posting regularly. I sure seem to have quite a list to begin with from previous requests...

Enjoy Side A
Enjoy Side B


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this available! And thank also to Paphio23 for the scans. Illusion productions knew how to put out a project in those days.Thanks again for making this available once again for all to hear.
Requests(a shot in the dark):

Soixante Etages - voisins de palier cass
Sara Goes Pop cassette(it's war boys)


Anonymous said...


nice to see you'r back,thanks for this excellent post. For requests: the Vanity 7" would be fine. I see your gonna post the Blah Blah blah 7",
If you want I can post there album for you.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Better than previous Sensationnel volumes I've come across. Thanks for posting this, and thanks to the obliging Paphio23 for the booklet and inserts scans, very much appreciated. Besides, all Illusion Production/DDAA members were out of art schools from the West of France, so they had a solid background in visual arts as well, and it shows even in their mail art-like xeroxed material. Additionally, I'd be curious to know how you can get hold of this stuff in the US. US distro or european mail order? One last note: I'm adding you to my blogroll in the hope to challenge you posting more excellent stuff like this. Take care.

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Pete - don't have either of your requests

Cranio - Gonna try and get to the Blah tonight

Continuo - All the IP stuff I've posted is long out of print, so pretty much ebay and other on-line sources is the best bet. Thanks for the add. will do the same.

Anonymous said...

side B
The file of the above link no longer exists

Ol said...

Hi! Can U reUp this treasure?