Monday, September 29, 2008

Walt Rockman - Biology LP (Sonoton SON 115)

This is the last of the music library posts for now. It is an early Sonoton label release by Walt Rockman, who also recorded for other music library labels like Conroy and Coloursound.

I originally planned to post an earlier LP titled Underwater vol.1 in addition to this one. Fortunately, it is already available at Heino und Jerry. I also located a post of selections from Pollution, the Sonoton LP that followed Biology. They are available at Waxidermy.

The music here is primarily minimal electronics, and a couple tracks with more instrumentation, including a funky disco-ish track. My favorite at the moment is B12-Intact Nature, partly for reminding me of a passage to a Stereolab track. The inevitable addition of strings as it develops doesn't ruin the track, but this is one instance where leaving them out would have been a wiser choice.

I have to wonder, considering the implied intent of the title that these tracks are meant for shows/films that are biology or science themed in nature, if any of these ever appeared in educational, or commercial films. I imagine they were going with titles that would grab the attention of a music/sound producer looking for background music - Chromosomes, Cancerisation, Molecular Motion and Sea Life .

As I go through more music library LP in my collection, I hope to find some more that haven't been posted elsewhere. Next up will be the Vanity label 7"s (finally!!).



Anonymous said...

Many many thanks for the recent electronic library goodness you've posted. I only wish there will be more...
It's fascinating to realise how much relevant vintage electronic music is buried under the label "library music". Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love that Sonoton Catalog! How bout this one I just ripped...Under Water Vol.2! Enjoy....


Marsellus Wallace

Mp3 said...

where i can download this?! it's amaaazing!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for beiung up front or reupping!
good work for promoting culture music!

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