Monday, November 3, 2008

Perfect Mother - You'll No So Wit 7" (Vanity VA-S3) 1980

This is the last of the three 7" singles released on Vanity. There are also over ten flexi singles released in association with Rock magazine, where Yuzuru Agi (Vanity label head) was a chief editor.

Like Mad Tea Party, Perfect Mother also has one other known recording - a track on the Foam compilation posted here last year.

The first two tracks, Dark-Disco-da-da-da-run, and the title track are contemporary synth/industrial, sounding similar to many Vanity label recordings and other early 80's artists posted here at AAA.

The last track, Ephemeral Pieces, is just that, a collection of short snippets, many of which I'm curious how longer versions would have developed.

I will be posting some other singles related to Vanity artists soon.



El Limbo von Punsch said...

Thanks a lot for all these Vanity releases !

Anonymous said...


thank you so much for all this vanity stuff. months ago i would have thought i'd never get to hear these 3 singles.

this is really amazing. so with the foam comp, the 15 lp's, and the 3 7"s vanity is pretty much revived, other than those random plexi's. and quite deservedly too.


Anonymous said...

The "Disco" track is fantastic. Thank you!

nova atlantis said...

One of my favourite Vanity releases, thank you!