Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pataphysics - Divination LP (Malarkey NR 6379) 1975

While digging through some stacks of records for dj fodder, I discovered this oddity that I could find no info about on Google or Discogs.

The music is all over the place. From various shades of jazz to cosmic folk-like pieces to a moog-backed jazz groover. The jazzier tracks wouldn't sound out of place on a label like ECM at the time. The second track, Visions in Jalapena, reminds me of Woo, maybe the way the guitars are strummed.

Thankfully the vinyl is in better condition than the sleeve.



Anonymous said...

Damn! This is nice. Thanks for sharing, David. This reminds me of something circa 1972, but can't remember what!

Unknown said...

Thanks for this, nice grooves! You might like to check out our tunes at We make jazz and bossa inflected music served up with a modern electronic twist.

Andrew Schrock said...

This is a nice LP indeed. The sax rubs me the wrong way - sounds too kenny G in parts - the rest is perfect jazz meets new age music. It's quite a rare album, too... who knows how many copies were pressed, but not many.

kyonpalm said...


The link for this is down. It seems quite interesting - can you please re-upload it?