Thursday, June 4, 2009

DJ Announcement - Bev's Wine Bar This Friday, June 5th MPLS

Again, I forgot to plug my Bev's spot here the last couple months...

The road construction has yet to begin in front of Bev's, so I am able to squeeze in another night. Last I heard, there is still no definite start date for this work.

Aside from the obvious wine selection, there is excellent local beer (Surly & Summit) and some tasty bread/salad/pizza dishes to munch on while soaking up the music and enjoying the view of the MPLS skyline - now that the weather is warmer, this is even more of a reason to check out Bev's.

Musically, expect similar grooves to the Champion Superior Soundsystem days in DC and my recent King & I Thai online set, as well as some indie/minimal/diy pop.

Atlantis Audio Archive

Bev's Wine Bar

This Friday, June 5th @ 9:00

250 3rd Ave N. (off Washington behind Deja Vu & J.D. Hoyt's steakhouse)

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