Thursday, October 27, 2011

DJ Set - Final Procedure Mix August 30, 2011


Back briefly to post this DJ mix I put together a couple months ago. The event was the final Procedure at Cafe St. Ex in DC.
From the event info:

"This night first started some 10 yrs ago when Richard Chartier ran with an anti-concept - a DJ night that gave you none of what a normal club audience wants. It was called Filler, then it was called Mies, and finally Procedure. There were venue changes galore, but with a fairly consistent high quality of DJ line-ups, and all done with an artful gaze right over DC's head. Well... that'll be enough for now. "

For the final night, many guest DJ's from over the years were invited to play 15 minute sets. There were sixteen DJ's overall. I no longer live near DC so I contributed my set via internet. I have a lot of fond memories spinning at the various incarnations of this DJ night over the years, not to mention all the friends I met and opportunities for other DJ events. Thank you Mark for inviting me and Braulio for suggesting the remote DJ idea and helping me carry through with it.

There are a couple tracks here from releases I will post soon if I see nobody else has already.

Volcano the Bear - Tunnels and Wheels
57 Tone - 4 Reminiseences
Libido - Motionless
Leather Nun - Slow Death
Sympathy Nervous - track 6 from 'It's Second Coming '80' cassette


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