Monday, January 23, 2012

57 Tone Flexi 7" (Joy FY-0002) 1983

This flexi is from 1983. I couldn't find any info about 57 Tone online. I recall picking this up because the cover reminded me of the art for DDAA/IP label sleeves. I have to say, the music here well exceeded my expectations.

The A-Side falls right in with early 80's Factory/Fetish/99/Clock DVA guitar/bass/sax/drums combinations. The B side is more abstract and closer to something from the Vanity label. A part of this track was featured in my Final Procedure Mix from last year.

a: Spiral
b: 4 Reminiseences



soundhead said...


Nice to see you again

c.patera said...

I quite like this 7" too!
Btw, did you get my response re: the Sympathy Nervous tape?

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

CP - I'm posting it this week.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff you've posted on this blog. Glad to see you back. Thanks so much!!!