Sunday, February 24, 2013

Atlantis Audio Archive Liquidation

I am in the process of consolidating my music collection. I have been listing lots of vinyl, CDs, cassettes and videos on my Discogs page as well as periodically marking down items every few months. There are almost 1,5000 titles currently for sale!

Some items that appeared in this blog have also been listed for sale if anyone wants to own physical copies and not just mp3 rips.

Most of what I have listed on Discogs are the cheapest copies available, or at least the cheapest in the US.

I will entertain offers for bulk orders. Check it out...


kosmikino said...

Hey AAA!

I hope everything is going well with the record sale. Just wanted to say, I often return to AAA to check out some more of the posts (especially as you have been so kind to update the links) as I like to download a chunk at a time then spend the next month really listening to them.

The Vanity Records material available on this blog is still the best on the internet, hands down.

Anyway, I appreciate the life of a blog is subject to the same ebbs and flows as pretty much everything else in the universe, but I do hope you will return. Now that Mutant Sounds has ended, we need blogs like AAA more than ever.

Take care and I hope life is good...ish!

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Kosmikino - One of these days I will find time again to post some more material. A recent addition to our family has made my life pretty busy with other priorities.

Rapidshare's new policies aren't helping much with the situation either. I haven't checked too closely, but I think some files may have been removed for going over their storage limit.

I hope to eventually start posting original music of mine from my archives; some of it was released in various formats, but a lot was never released.

I also plan to post some more mixes as well as time permits.

I'm also exploring using Soundcloud as a means of sharing music.

thanks for the support - AAA