Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wireless Sight - Endless Dark Dream Cassette (Vanity VAT 5) 1981

Here is the fifth cassette in the Vanity box. This is probably the lowest fidelity and the most minimal of any Vanity release. Wireless Sight is credited to Kunio Wakae, and as usual, no info appears to exist on him or this project.

A majority of the music here is accompanied by a metronome or some other time-piece and piano. Not much else, but it does provide some nice background music. The closest comparison (on Vanity) I hear is possibly Tolerance; outside of Vanity, perhaps a very stripped-down Robert Haigh/Sema.

Side A may in fact contain two tracks, but I've archived this tape one track per side.



Anonymous said...

definitely a very quiet and minimal one but I still like it. This is a nice tape to come down with at like 4am.

thank you Atlantis Audio!!!


Atlantis Audio Archive said...

no prob!!
I'm glad there are people enjoying these tapes.
I've found this one is nice for reading to as well.

Anonymous said...

I really dig this one and all the Vanity stuff you deliver to us. I echo the come down sentiment of the Endless Dark Dream Cassette!

thanks again

Anonymous said...

spellbinding stuff, thank you. please do post the last tape!

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

just posted the last one - hope everyone digs it....

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for reviving the dead link. Now I am enjoying the ultra lo-fi world of vanity records. I believe this release is the other side of "Ambient 1: Music for Airport" by Brian Eno.