Thursday, November 20, 2008

MLD - Perpetual Motion 7" (Kitchen Records DRUM 2) 1983

Here is another Vanity label related 7".

This is what I wrote about MLD last year in the Paris Tokyo cassette compilation posted here last year:

MLD were Takayuki Shiraishi and Jun Sonohara. The duo also released a CD under the name Maximum Lunatic Desire and more recently as Musica Nova, contributing tracks to releases on labels NS-COM & Birds in Paradise. Shiraishi has many solo releases, some under his own name on NS-COM, BadOrb, etc... and also under others such as Planetoid on the Belgian ambient label - Apollo. It should also come as no surprise to readers of this site that there is a Vanity connection here. Shiraishi was also a member of the legendary BGM - contributing guitar, synths & vocals.

I compared their Paris Tokyo track to a cross between Liquid Liquid and early Meat Beat Manifesto. The A side of this single sounds like a harder Liquid Liquid with a rhythm and synth bass that reminds me of Disco Rough by Mathematiques Modernes. The B side is slower tempo and reminds me of the tension of earlier Einsturzende Neubauten.

Included in the post is a scan of the insert which appears to plug a cassette (I assume by MLD), also on Kitchen Records. I'm not sure about the rest of it.

Anybody know of other releases by MLD, or the Kitchen Records label?



Curious Guy said...

As I'm collecting info on defunct indie labels for "They Could Have Been Bigger Than EMI"; this is what I found until now on Kitchen Record:
SONG 2 METROFARCE - Shosoku Fumei No Kodomotachi 8" 82
SONG 3 VOICE - s/t 10" 1983
SONG 4 METROFARCE - Barizanveaux LP 1983
DRUM 2 MLD - Perpetual Motion 7" 83
DANCE 1 VARIETE - Souvenir 8" 82
DANCE 2 VARIETE - Location At Hollywood 12" 83

Do you know more on labels like Marquee Moon, Skating Pears and LLE?

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Curious Guy - Thanks for the info. I recognize a couple titles from that list.

I have a couple flexi 7"s on MM:

Aquapolis - Eldorado M.M.0008 1-sided blue flexi

Pneuma/Libido - Split M.M.0003 2-sided split flexi

Nothing on the others. Good luck with the book. -AAA

Curious Guy said...

Well it's not me actually who is responsible for that book but a guy from Germany. I just help him out if I find anything on the net.
Thanks for the info.
Here's a link for more on that book:

soundhead said...

killer music... as always.

thank you!!!

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Curious Guy - thanks for providing the link. I think I saw this at a friend's house. Didn't make the connection earlier.

Soundhead - thanks

the saucer people said...

This music is just astounding..thanks for turning me onto the existance of Kitchen Records though I imagine its going to be a very expensive obsession!
How on earth this record excaped most people's radar now and then is beyond me.

Thanks again for this!