Thursday, April 5, 2007

Pacific 231/Berlinerluft - Nuit et Brouillard Cassette (New Wave/VP 231) 1983

This is a split cassette of Pacific 231 & Berlinerluft titled 'Nuit et Brouillard' released on New Wave & VP 231 in 1983. From the liner notes, it appears the intent was to release a live performance of Berlinerluft from 4/10/83. It turns out the live tape of the Berlinerluft performance was 'unplayable'. Lucky for us, this cassette contains studio recordings of the tracks performed that evening. Perhaps the 'spur of the moment' factor from the live performance wasn't captured, but that is made up by what is likely a much higher fidelity recording.

Berlinerluft was a combination of two Vox Populi! members (Gnouf Tap & Bertrand Wolf) and Pierre Jolivet (aka Pacific 231). According to, which may not be entirely accurate, this is the closest to a non-compilation release by the group. Their compilation appearances are limited to four tracks, three of which also appear on this cassette (although possibly different vesrions). The other compilation track was posted here a while ago.

The music by Berlinerluft ranges from darker industrial to minimial synth wave. Sometimes I wonder how these tracks would have sounded w/o the vocals. A couple tracks remind me of Monoton or Leer/Rental-The Bridge, others are much harsher.

The Pacific 231 side consists of the "pre-soundtrack intended for the Berlinerluft concert". It isn't made clear if this was for a Pacific 231 performance for this concert, or his contribution to the Berlinerluft set. I am assuming it is the former due to the liner notes crediting Jolivet with synth, rhythms & effects, but not tapes for the Berlirnerluft studio recordings. The music on this side, titled 'Thule Apocalypse' is noisy - a combination of noise and what sounds like various war speeches. I'm more of a fan of the other side. I think the concept of noise music contrasting with war/hate speeches was overdone, and then redone many times over...


Anonymous said...

i am a fan of Vox Populi and anything related. I never heard this one!!


samon takahashi said...

yes, the discog entry is accurate. But Berlinerluft was mostly only Pierre Jolivet and Gnouf Tap (aka Axel Kyrou, Vox Populi's brain).