Friday, April 13, 2007

V/A - La Bande Originale d'un Film Imaginaire Cassette (On a FAIM K011) 1989

I decided to record this after the Video Aventures post as they both have a similar concept and package (and are filed next to each other). This is a single cassette release from 1989. It is packaged in a large video cassette case including a small booklet w/ synopsis and three photo prints - perhaps imaginary stills.

The approach here is different than the Video Aventures 'soundtrack'. Most of the tracks lack a thematic frame for visualizing to a film. The music is varied - dark minimal synth, industrial, odd-pop, a carousel-theme track...

There are intro/intermission snippets that are bunched with the tracks in the file. There is a slight chance the music is split incorrectly within the audio tracks on side B. The two Brume tracks might actually be just audio track B2 and Vox Populi! may be the combination of audio tracks B3+B4. There is an intro to the VP track (B4) that may indeed be an interlude between B3 & B4. Here is the tracklist per the cassette:

Face A:
"la mer" Golitre de Galine - Fun Metal Klakette 1
DDAA - Bruit du Bas Pa-Tat
M. Nomizad - Eaux Troubles
Brume - Mardi 14h30
Decades - Petite Valse

Face B:
"Obsession" Golitre de Galine - Fun Metal Klakette 2
Brume - La Chambre
Brume - Death Theme
Vox Populi - Jube Man
Invisible Man - Arrivederci
"la belle de Rome"


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Unknown said...

hello thanks for your great blog
I get a problem with the rar. files.
When i extract the files it said Unexpected end of archive. I can get only the A side .
Did you noticed this problem before with other people?
I will try again to dl
thanks pokepi