Wednesday, June 6, 2007

V/A - Alternative Funk-Folie Distinguee LP (Vox&Man/VP 231) 1985

My hard drive has finally been replaced after several diagnostic tests could not locate the problem with the old one. I'm currently on a business trip in the middle of nowhere so I have found some time to work on new posts.

I mentioned this LP a while ago when I posted the Alternative Funk cassette. In hindsight, I think the cassette I posted earlier, which in essence were the 'rejects' to what made the LP cut here, is a bit stronger overall, but there are some interesting pieces here as well. For the most part each track is either synth-pop or 80's electro funk. I think the synth pop tracks stands up a little better over time than the funk tunes.

The most notable artists on this LP comp are Vox Populi!, X Ray Pop & Psyclones, who contribute my favorite piece with a fairly infectious bassline.

I will update this post with cover scans once I return home this weekend.



Tom said...

Fantastic post! Many thanks.

By the way, it's good to see you back in action - Atlantis AA has consistently proven to be one of the very best blogs...

All the Best,


Anonymous said...

truly fantastic, beautiful.
I was looking for it since a very long time
Thanks so much. Your blok kills!

Anonymous said...

thanks so luch for this great post.
Your blog is amazing
thanks so much

Anonymous said...

thanks sooooo much for this one! Any luck digging up the 2nd volume of the ALTERNATIVE FUNK cassette comp???