Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Black Dwarf Label Discography circa 1984

I found this insert with the Uncommunity 7".

I'm not sure if this is all of the Black Dwarf releases or not. I'm pretty sure there is no more vinyl, but not sure about the cassettes.

I will post the Faith Will Never Die compilation sometime this week. If anyone knows of links to other files besides those provided below, leave a comment. I will update this page with any new info.

UPDATE 8/3/2008: A link to the two Kallous Boys cassettes on Black Dwarf was posted in the comments a while back. The Black Dwarf discography has been updated with this info. These two cassettes are provided in full for free from the Kallous Boys/Porkweasel website. They have new and unreleased music also available. Thanks to whoever left that link in the comments.

BDC 01 Unkommuniti - Doktrine C90
BDC 02 Assailer - For Combat C60
BDC 03 V/A - Parlour Musick C60
BDC 04 Unkommuniti - Live Recession 23/11/83 C30
BDC 05 V/A - Faith Will Never Die C60
BDC 06 Unkommuniti - In the Shithouse C90
BDC 07 Kallous Boys - Kick It C60
BDC 08 V/A - Crusade C30
BDC 09 Moise Collectif - Primary Function C30
BDC 10 Unkommuniti - The Prime Advantage C60
BDC 11 Unkommuniti - Live Anarchist Bingo Hall / Soundtracks C60
BDC 12 Unkommuniti - Sense of Unmaking C60
BDC 13 V/A - Ars Magna et Ultima Vol.1 C60
BDC 14 Unkommuniti - Dhol Chants C60
BDC 15 Kallous Boys - Internal Damage C60
BDC 16 Clench - In the Garden C60
BDC 17 Unkommuniti - Ex Oblivione C60
BDC 18 Trilogy - Warped/Disease C30
BDC 19 Final - Maximum Hatred C30
BDC 20 Black Lung - Cope C30

BDBG 1 Uncommunity - Brutality of Fact 7"


Cellar said...

thanksss, great blog!

Anonymous said...

kallous boys
Both of the Kallous boys cassettes are available as downloads from http://porkweasel.org/porksters/artists/kallous.boys/then.html

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

anon- belated thanks for the kallous boys tip

moonboy said...

Hi Atlantis - further update
a. More vinyl exists for you Unkommunity completists - one track "Yog Sogoth" on the Stuff the neighbours play it Loud EP. recession records 1983. Plus Split LP Statement with Ramleh and Pure on Broken Flag.
b. Reissues of some Broken Flag stuff available from Harbinger Sound who may soon releasing a Black Dwarf Retrospective including Kallous Boys

Eric Lanzillotta said...

There is an earlier discography with numbers going up to BDW20. BDC1 to BDC13 seem to be reissues of these earlier numbers. Some of the earlier titles were by Organisation 2771, Visita/Funereal, Jake Ray and Ca-Vault. An earlier catalog listing with these is in the "Stuff the Neighbors - Play it Loud" package.
By the way, I did find out at some point that this is the same Final that later went on to fame with CD releases.