Tuesday, May 20, 2008

V/A - Faith Will Never Die Cassette (Black Dwarf bdc 5) 1983

This is a 1983 Black Dwarf compilation that I found buried away with some other tapes I forgot to unpack.

Unkommuniti contribute five tracks to this cassette. I don't have too much info on the other artists. One or more could be Tim Gane under different names. Some of the highlights:

Last Breath - lb: Rhythm track stripped down to just a drum machine & effects

Visitia - Tender: An early form of minimal hard techno. Mostly drum machines and noise, similar to Le Syndicat, Esplendor Geometrico.

Unkommuniti - War Cripples: String-based drones with garbled spoken word.

Unkommuniti - Winterkill 1 & 2: Pounding drum machines buried under slow pulses of noise

Jake Ray - Trip One: Moody piece with backward sounds and organ/keyboard

Kallous Kinema contribute three untitled tracks that range from minimal synth diy to the drum-less side of Metabolist

As with a previous Unkommuniti cassette, there is an extra track at the end which is not listed. I have labeled it as an unlisted bonus track (side B)


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