Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Unkommunity - Ex-Oblivione Cassette (Black Dwarf BDC 17/Freedom in a Vacuum)

Following up from their 7" I posted a couple weeks ago, here is the first of two Unkommunity/Uncommunity cassettes I've managed to uncover in my collection. I may have another one or two buried somewhere.

This cassette is titled Ex-Oblivione and was originally released on Tim Gane's own label, Black Dwarf. This rip is taken from the Freedom in a Vacuum reissue. I believe the reissues were merely dubbed off the Black Dwarf label originals, unfortunately making these second generation copies. Given the nature of this music, it may not make that much of a difference anyway.

Uncommunity are usually tagged as power electronics/noise music, likely based on their association with Broken Flag, etc... However, there is quite a bit more here than just noise. Many tracks contain heavy, almost tribal percussion, others minimal & arpeggiated synths & drones, and even a bit of guitar here and there. To be honest, some of these pieces, particularly 'Black Suggestion', could just have easily been released via Insane Music, sounding a bit like Human Flesh.

These are some of the tracks I still enjoy listening to:

Black Goat - Repetitive synth line accompanied by a slowly strummed guitar and some other noises.

The Hand Behind - Tribal-like percussion with some moody organ/synth and tapes/samples

Rats Above Scientists - Synth drones over discussion of tampered Mars candy bars

Turn the Inner Eye - Relatively ambient/drone piece

Black Suggestion - Tribal percussion accentuated with backwards cymbals and a buried melodic keyboard. I have always had a fondness for backwards cymbals...

Eidolon - Synths and other noise slowly building to a crescendo

New Awareness - More backwards sounds with some spoken word snippets - nowhere near being 'noisy'

There are eleven tracks on side A after I split them up. There are only ten listed on the cover (and on Discogs), so the last one is labeled as an unlisted bonus track. There is a chance two of these were to be combined as one. If anyone out there knows for sure, drop a comment.

updated 5/13/08: catalog number


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Unkommuniti albums should be reuploaded if possible.