Monday, April 9, 2007

V/A - Audiologie No 4 Cassette (Vox Man) 1987

This is the last remaining volume of the Audiologie series that I currently own - still looking for volumes 2 & 3. Volume 4, titled The Independant Psychedelic Trip was released in 1987 and features artists spanning the globe including one from Mars (a detail I just noticed). Musically it is all over the place, indie/pop, synth, industrial....

The biggest names here are probably Pacific 231 & Vox Populi!. Their contributions are ok, not some of their best material. I think this file is worth the download (or purchase if it can be found) for these three tracks alone, not to say that there aren't any others of quality here:

Jacki Moreau - Paris-Pop: To be precise, this track alone is worth the download. If I didn't know better, I could have been convinced this was some crazy late 60's/early 70's soundtrack to a hash/opium den scene w/ a hippy band jamming amidst a thick haze. They outdid Damenbart before Damenbart did it originally. To think how this track could have sounded stretched out past the three minutes recorded here. Jacki Moreau also contributed a beautiful track for Vol.5&6 of this series.

Donald Campau - Welcome to the Needle: somewhere between a CAN Ethnological Forgery Series (EFS) track and early/mid-period Tortoise.

Mitch Cooper - Mind Confection: The track that most lives up to it's own as well as the album's title. What starts as a jangly guitar pop song takes a left turn into space a little after a minute and then proceeds to drift further into space for five minutes before finally fading out. Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd is probably a good lazy comparison....

My Hard Drive started dying a week ago and is probably going to crash for good soon so new posts may be on a temporary decline for a while. I have a few files stashed almost ready to go, so hopefully the computer issues will be transparent to readers. For the time being I have to switch from my usual Mac G4 Powerbook to a PC computer, so file formats and other factors might not stay consistent until my MAC HD issue is resolved.


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Anonymous said...

The Jacky Moreau track was the only one from this compilation wich was effectively recorded at the beguinning of the 70's (more or less 71). He was already quite old when I met him ( while he was giving my father musics to use on his Tv shows as he was a film director). He was the typical celestial beggar, living from very litle. Not the 'good looking' type of person. But very gentle and with many stories to tell.
Not having heard from him for 17 years now.
The Audiologie serie were conceived by our bassist/guitarist Fr6 Man except this one wich I planned and organised. Fr6 is also responsible for the video you can see on Youtube from Vox Populi! 'on fait comme on a dit'.

Axel Kyrou