Sunday, April 1, 2007

Video Aventures - Moonbeam Movies 2xCassette (ADN RECO 2) 1990

Following up on the LP & 10" posted at Mutant Sounds recently, here is the only other release I know of by Video Aventures aside from a few compilation appearances (including Paris Tokyo which I just posted). Released in 1990 as a double cassette, it is housed in a VHS-sized plastic case including a tiny booklet.

Many artists have released soundtracks to imaginary films, and some have done it very well - C.Schulz's 4.Film Ton, for instance. What makes this album so interesting is each of the twelve tracks could be considered a separate film, or film genre. The 'films' here range from vampire, romance, film noir, western, etc...

Each track starts with a film projector sound effect, and each cassette side ends with the sound of a projector running out of film to add to the whole 'experience'.

In the interest of keeping the music here flowing as it does on the cassettes, I have not split the tracks up. Here is the full track-list:

Side A:
1. Some Never Fired
2. Allo, Veronica...
3. Oyakyodai no Urami

Side B:
4. Ready to Receive Guests
5. Vivere Oggi
6. Back to the Trail

Side C:
7. Embrasse Moi
8. Anschluss Halten
9. Tutsi Frutsi

Side D:
10. The Gause Mask Serves the Purpose
11. Three, Two, One, Zero...
12. Success to Crime



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one! Loved the Video Aventures from the Mutant site. You were the first to post Klaus Bloch, though, which I also enjoyed!

And that Paris Tokyo cassetts sounds like a good one, too. I believe there's a cassette with This Heat and ALbert Marcoeur called Tago Mago that I would love to see posted if you have it. Regardless, thanks for the music.

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

thanks for the comment.

I think the This Heat split tape on Tago Mago was reissued on CD (probably not legit), and I believe someone already posted it, but I can't seem to recall who it was.... I own a 2nd gen copy on cassette at best, and not sure I even have that anymore... *+*

Anonymous said...

I thought I left a comment already, but I guess not. Anyway, thanks very much for this. I've been looking for it for a while. I do own the CD reissues of the two VA albums, which triggered the hunt.

Anonymous said...

the link s dead. please reupload. thanx

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Video Adventures link updated