Saturday, May 10, 2008

Un-Kommunity - In the Shithouse Cassette (Black Dwarf BDC 06/Freedom in a Vacuum)

Another cassette, and another name variation from Uncommunity, the early 80's industrial/noise project from Stereolab founder Tim Gane.

Like the previous cassette posted, this is also a Freedom in a Vacuum label reissue, so it is likely a second generation copy from the original.

One side features studio recordings, the other, a live performance at 'The Shithouse'. Can anyone confirm if this was an actual venue, or the name of someone's garage/basement, etc...

This one is a bit noisier than the other tape, but has some decent moments at times.

There are two bonus studio tracks listed after the live portion. I worked my way backwards and split out the last two tracks and left what I thought to be the live part as one track. I can't guarantee the tracks are split out and titled as stated on the J-card.

I managed to dig up a Black Dwarf label compilation with Uncommunity and others. Will probably post that one next.

updated 5/13/08: cassette title and catalog number

Enjoy Side A
Enjoy Side B

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Anonymous said...

thank you very much for this one, excellent.