Friday, March 9, 2007

Bits - EP (Pure Freude PF 19) 1982

Here is a short one before I head out....

This is another record I discovered via The Crack in the Cosmic Egg. It features Michael Karoli of Can on guitar and production. Although Karoli is only credited on guitar for one track, the whole EP has a Can feel to it. The on-line version doesn't include artists past 1980 so here is a transcription from the book:

"These were part of the totally confused early-80's Cologne scene, and interconnected with Dukelziffer & SYPH. Bits offered a typically Can inspired music (not surprising as co-producer was Michael Karoli) with odd new-wave and dub elements, comparable to Czukay's & Wobble's collaborations. This sole EP would seem to be all of Bits' output."

Already being a Dunkelziffer & SYPH fan, I was intrigued by the description in the book. This sounds more like Dunkelziffer than SYPH, particularly the dub bass-lines and rhythms. At times this also reminds me of earlier Tortoise when they single out just the bass & drums.



martinf said...

bits is in fact SYPH minus Harry Rag. there is a whole cd available entitled "home run"

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

Thank you!
Fantastic sounds.

the saucer people said...

This is just astounding! Only ever read the online version of Crack In a Cosmic Egg and its really annoying they do not cover the early eighties kosmische scene as the fusion of it with more modern forms of electronica such as post-punk dub/disco/funk is some of the most interesting music created in the last 30 years.

Thanks so much for sharing this, I imagine even heavy Can fans would have trouble naming this.

Thanks must also go to the wonderful Boxes Of Toys for showing me the way with their link to here!