Sunday, March 4, 2007

Permutative Distorsion - Bruckenkopf im Niemandsland Cassette (Selektion SC 8) 1981

Another cassette on Selektion - this one by Permutative Distorsion featuring Ralf Wehowsky (P.D., P16D4, RLW...).

Bruckenkopf im Niemandsland was originally released on the label Wahrnehmungen as W 021. There is a 7" version of this release with a different tracklist that has already been posted by The Thing on the Doorstep.

Update: While researching info on LLL, I realized that Side A of this cassette was reissued on the Vinyl on Demand 3LP boxset Wahrnehmungen 1980/1981. That leaves one "exclusive" track from this cassette.


(note: tracks A5 & A6 are joined together on this rip)

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